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Video:Treating Jock Itch

with Dr. Howard Goldberg

Jock itch is a fungal infection in the groin area, which can be easily treated. Watch this health video from to learn more about the causes and remedies for jock itch.See Transcript

Transcript:Treating Jock Itch

Hi I'm Doctor Howard Goldberg from the Cosmetic Dermatology and AestheticLaser Center in Swampscott, Massachusetts.  Today for I willbe discussing treating jock itch.

Jock Itch Infection

Jock itch is usually caused by a fungus infection which tends to involve the groin area, because there is considerable heat and moisture in that area providing an excellent place for the fungus to grow.  Usually the fungal infection originates in the feet as so called athlete's foot and then from scratching the fungus is transmitted from the feet to the groin area where the warm moist conditions tend to promote it's growth.

Treatment for Jock Itch

So one of the first ways to treat this condition is to try as much as possible to keep the area cool and dry. Wear loose fitting clothing.  When sleeping at night don't use to many blankets, keep the bedroom cool. And use of an anti fungal powder on a regular basis will tend to keep the areas cool and dry as well as controlling fungal growth.  A good example of this would be Aeasorb-AF powder.

However, when these measures fail and the fungus tends to grow and cause an itching rash in the groin area, so called jock itch, then more potent therapy would be required.  And the use of one of the antifungal creams is usually fairly helpful. Examples of this would be Lamisil cream or two percent Ketoconazole cream or Econozole Nitrate cream.  

These creams can be applied morning and night for several weeks at a time and usually can control the infection.  It is also a good idea to treat the feet with a cream as well since that is the original source of the infection.

Root Causes Jock Itch

People who are prone to recurrent episodes of fungus infection, especially severe episodes, should be tested for Diabetes since the excess sugar in the groin area can promote more rapid growth of the fungus in Diabetics.Another factor that is using strong antibacterial soaps.  

Normally, fungus and bacteria are in balance in the groin area and kill each other off, but if one uses a strong antibacterial soap on a regular basis, this could knock out the normal bacterial floral and allow fungus to overgrow.  

Despite good treatment of this problem, the recurrence rate is quite high, especially when heat and moisture are present.  And therefore as mentioned earlier a strong effort should be made to try to keep the area as cool and dry as possible.  But obviously it's something that one would have to consult their local dermatologist to get further information on.

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