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Video:Tips for Treating Depression Naturally

with Dr. Mike Abrams

For some, treating depression naturally is highly preferable to doing so chemically. This video from will go over some natural options for fighting depression.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Treating Depression Naturally

Hi I'm Dr. Mike Abrams, a clinical psychologist in New York and New Jersey and a psychology professor at New York University. I'm here for to discuss ways to treat depression without medications.  

Milder depressions are often responsive to changes in your thinking and behavior. Depression is the emotional equivalent of saying "I give up; there is no point in even trying." This leads to withdrawal, isolation, despair, and even more depression.  

Change Thinking to Fight Depression

Thus, the first step in fighting depression is to monitor your changes in thinking. Look for ways you are making negative predictions about yourself, significant others in your life, and your future. A careful mental inventory will reveal a change in thinking that you can aggressively challenge. This must be done vigorously and continuously.

Change Behavior to Fight Depression

The next step is to do the opposite. Since depression is believed to have evolved as a means to avoid ongoing dangers, there's a tendency for the depressed person to pull away from daily activity. So, you should strive to increase your activities, socialize more, exercise with greater intensity and so on. Along with your reinvigoration, the careful regulation of sleep patterns is helpful. Absolutely avoid sleeping more than 9 hours a night. If you find yourself sleeping too little, work on your sleep hygiene by setting regular sleep hours, using your bed only for sleep, and substituting quiet resting for sleep when necessary.

Using Diet to Control Depression

Depression is also helped with a healthy diet high in omega-3 fats and low in saturated and transfats. Avoid eating too much or too little when down. Importantly, eat a diet high in proteins accompanied with a moderate amount of starches. Use alcohol in extreme moderation, and if drinking socially, make it social. That is, endeavor to maintain your social ties and interpersonal connections.

Of course, if you feel yourself slipping get professional help. That was a little information about treating depression naturally. To learn more, please visit Thanks for watching.

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