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Video:Common Symptoms of Depression

with Gary Trosclair

In this video, learn about the common symptoms of depression, and the way they can affect an individuals behavior and mood.See Transcript

Transcript:Common Symptoms of Depression

Hi, I'm Gary Trosclair. I'm a psychotherapist with private practices in New York City and Westchester County, New York. I also supervise and teach clinical courses at the Jung Institute of New York. I'm here for to discuss common symptoms of depression.

Signs of depression can be found in our mood, our thinking, our behavior and our realtionships to other people. The most obvious symptom of depression is a mood that's sad, down, dejected, or empty. When people are depressed, they can be irritable, but they can also come across as flat or indifferent. They often seem like they just don't care, and that they've given up hope. 

Common Symptom of Depression: Negative Thinking

People who are depressed have difficulty thinking and concentrating. But more painful is the negativity of their thinking.

People who are depressed often think of themselves as being worthless. They tend to be extremely self-critical and take far too much responsibility for themselves and the world around them. That type of thinking, along with their mood and a general sense of hopelessness, leads some people to contemplate suicide. Sometimes it's just a passing thought, but in other situations people will think about a plan with the intention to carry it out. 

Common Symptom of Depression: Low Energy

People who are depressed tend to have low energy, though some are agitated. But in almost all cases there's a loss of interest in doing things, including things that they might have loved doing in the past. They might eat less, or they might overeat. They might have difficulty sleeping, or they might oversleep. Because people feel so much shame about their depression, they tend to isolate. They feel that no one would want to be around them, and they don't want their symptoms to be seen. 

Depression can be a very painful and overwhelming experience that people blame themselves for, and they often feel that help isn't possible. Perhaps the most important thing that I can say about depression is that while it might feel hopeless, we are able to treat depression with psychotherapy and counseling.  

That was a little information about symptoms of depression. To learn more, please visit Thanks for watching.

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