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Video:Top Places to Go With Kids in DC

with Haley Lesavoy

Want to learn about great places to go with kids in DC? Here, see tips for visiting the nation's capital with children.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Places to Go With Kids in DC

DC is not only a great place for those in the work force or college students, But it's a great place for kids as well. I'm Haley Lesavoy for and today we're going to show you the five best places for kids in DC.

First Idea for Places to Go With Kids in DC

Up first we have the Washington National Zoo. And with over 400 different species it's a must see for kids and adults alike. Because it's part of the Smithsonian institution, admission to the zoo is free and in order to get there the closest metro stop is Woodly Park on the redline. If you wan't to make sure to see all of the animals make sure to set aside a couple of hours and if you want to beat the crowds the best times to go are early in the day or after 2pm.

Second Idea for Places to Go With Kids in DC

Up next you have to check out the sights of Georgetown. Whether it be shopping or restaurants, it has a limitless amount of options for kids. You can sit down and grab a quick bite to eat or even have a nice family dinner there. And After dinner you can go to the water front where they have boats and kayaks you can rent to go out on the Potomac or you can even walk around and check out the sights by foot.

Third Idea for Places to Go With Kids in DC

Another great place for kids is Washington's National Stadium. The new world-class stadium opened in 2008 and games go on throughout the entire summer. So if you're here on a family vacation make sure to check it out because it's a great way to enjoy America's favorite pastime.

Fourth Idea for Places to Go With Kids in DC

DC is home to plenty of fun and interactive museums so if you want to get out of the heat and into some air conditioning, we're about to provide you with a list of places you can go. Among our favorites are the Air and Space museum, The Newseum, The Spy Museum and Madame Tussauds Wax museum. All of these are extremely hands on, and are a great way for kids to explore DC and learn a little bit as well.

Fifth Idea for Places to Go With Kids in DC

No trip to DC is complete without seeing the National Mall or the Washington Monument. If you want to get a birds eye view of the entire city you can actually go to the top of the Washington Monument. Where you can see everything from The White House to the Lincoln Memorial. Tickets are free and available starting at 8:30 am so it's best to get there early. Or if you want to purchase tickets in advance you can do that for $1.50 online.

So there you have it. Those are our picks for the top 5 places for kids in DC.

I'm Haley Lesavoy for and we hope you enjoy your visit.

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