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Video:Tips for Touring the Spy Museum

with Holly Deambrosi

The Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. is a thrilling, engaging education in espionage. Here are some tips for touring the Spy Museum, including how to get there and what to see.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Touring the Spy Museum

Where can a regular citizen adopt another identity, break secret codes, and learn the communication and disguise techniques of a spy? Discover the world of espionage at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.

Learn About Espionage Techniques at the Spy Museum

A visit to the Spy Museum is an engaging experience. The displays are certainly loaded with intrigue, but the best way to experience the Spy Museum is to become a spy for the day. Assume another identity, learn everything about it, and, most importantly, don't blow your cover.

At the School for Spies, you'll learn all about the techniques that agents use to communicate and gather intelligence with the utmost secrecy. Bugs, buttonhole cameras, disguises, and invisible ink are just some of the tools that you'll discover, all without self-destructing.

Famous Spies and Espionage Eras Featured at the Spy Museum

Who would have ever suspected that celebrity chef Julia Child was a spy? Her warm-hearted image made her all the more valuable for covert operations. An exhibit on The Secret History of History will give you the lowdown on the stories that you didn't read in your history textbook. Learn about the role of spies both before and during World War II.

And that was just the prelude to an eruption of Cold War spy activity that the public knew almost nothing about. Step into a divided Berlin, an epicenter of the Cold War, to see the operations of the Stasi, the East Berlin espionage division that communicated regularly with the Soviet Union.

Technological advances brought spying to air travel and then satellites. Eventually, the rise of the internet brought espionage online. Just how damaging can a cyber attack be?

Hours and Admission Fees for Touring the Spy Museum

General admission is currently $18 for those between 12 and 64 years of age and $15 for children, ages 5 to 11. Hours of operation vary depending on the time of year, but generally, the Spy Museum is open from the morning through the early evening.

Some metered parking spaces on the street are available for a maximum of two hours. Several parking garages with fees from $10 to $20 are also close by.

Whether you visit the displays or take a GPS guided "Spy in the City" tour hosted by the museum, your heart will be beating a little faster in DC. To learn more about DC area attractions, visit
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