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Video:5 Politics-Themed Costumes for Halloween

with Abby Feldman

Political Halloween costumes always get a great reaction and are fairly simple to pull off. Check out these 5 political themed Halloween costume ideas for men and women.See Transcript

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Transcript:5 Politics-Themed Costumes for Halloween

Hi there, I’m Abby with about.com. Now, what better way to make an impression this Halloween than with your very own political themed costume? I’ll show you some tips that will get you votes from all of your friends.

Suits and Flag Pins are Staples for Men's Political Costumes

We’ll start off with transforming into President Obama. For creating the prefect Obama, it would probably be best to purchase a mask. Once you have a mask it’s very simple to create the ensemble. All you need is a nice looking men’s suit. Political figures usually wear and American flag pin on their lapel but it’s not necessary of the look.

Women's Political Costumes Need the Right Outfit

If you want to go with your significant other you can dress as a couple with Barack and Michelle Obama. Michelle has a more casual youthful style. She wears a lot of bright colors and fun prints. If you are a woman going solo, there are plenty of female politicians you can dress up as.

If you can pull of her accent, going as Sarah Palin is a great choice. To make the perfect Palin all you will need is a conservative blazer, a pencil skirt or a pair of slacks, some small framed glasses, and an up-do for her hair.

Sarah Palin is always a good choice; but, if you’d rather go as a strong democrat another famous female is Hilary Clinton. All you’ll need is a nice conservative outfit, some mauve lipstick, and a dirty blond bob hairstyle.

Dress for Halloween in Political Pairs

It’s always fun to find a friend and go as two opposing politicians. A great one would be Barack Obama and George W. Bush. These are fun costumes to wear and all you’ll need is a suit, a red tie for George Bush and a mask. A specialty costume shop may be a little bit pricier. But, if you own the other clothes it will lower the cost. There are many different choices for political Halloween costumes and these are just a few fun ideas.

So get creative. Any choice is sure to be a hit. And don’t forget, memorize a few quotes your costumes inspiration is famous for. So there ya’ have it! Whether it’s Sarah Palin or Barack Obama, there’s a political figure out there just waiting for you to make into a costume.For more tips like these, visit us at about.com.Thanks for watching!
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