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Video:How to Choose an Online Dating Site

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Choosing an online dating site is an important first step in entering the world of online dating. Here are some tips on how to choose the right online dating site for you.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Choose an Online Dating Site

Hi, this is Meghan Lynn Allen for, and today we're discussing how to choose an online dating site.

Consider Size and Cost When Choosing an Online Dating Site

First think large or small. There are small dating services that operate regionally, locally in your state or county -- or huge services like, which serves over 5 million people. And when you're using a large service, you can still help make it small by searching by zip code, or other specifics about the partner you're looking for.

Next, think about the cost: how much, if anything, are you willing to pay for membership. There are many free sites out there -- but when you think about the word free, keep in mind that sometimes there is little or no screening involved.

Site's Features Are Important When Choosing an Online Dating Site

Next, think about that site's features. What are the special features you're looking for? Some sites have a profile matching system where they help find a match for you. Sometimes you do it a little bit more on your own, by searching through profiles and looking through individual stats and biographies.

You also might want to use a site that has chat or an instant message feature where you can talk to someone, real, one on one, in live time like AOL Instant Messenger that's part of the dating site.

Some sites let you limit who sees your profile; some make it that your profile is wide open. Do you want more exposure, less exposure - and do you want more feedback in choosing who sees your profile?

Think About What Relationship You Want When Choosing an Online Dating Site

When considering online dating, consider what kind of relationship you're looking for. If you're searching for a long-time relationship, you might consider a site like eHarmony that is geared for long-time relationships. And there are plenty of sites out there that are geared for casual relationships and don't take themselves so seriously.

There are sites that cater to heterosexuals, homosexuals, seniors, young people, Christians, non-Christians. Think about what you're looking for and if there's anyone you want to specifically include or exclude completely from your dating pool.

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