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Video:Facial Expressions and Body Language That Show Love

with Aubrey Morgan

Learn the facial expressions and body language that show love, so that you can make sure you're sending your significant other the right signals. Here are facial expressions and body language that show love.See Transcript

Transcript:Facial Expressions and Body Language That Show Love

Hi, I'm Aubrey for About.com and today I am going to teach you how to show love through body language.

Subtle Facial Expressions Show Love

Your eyes play a big role in body language. As they say "the eyes are the window to the soul." Subtle, bashful glances let each other show that they have a lot of feelings towards one another. Licking or biting your lip is a subtle and gentle indicator of affection. Happiness and feelings of love can be seen on the face. Big smiles to one another show that you enjoy their company.

Show Love By Showing Interest in Your Appearance

Brushing off your clothes and fixing your hair lets each other know that you want to look good for one another. Flipping the hair aside and exposing the neck shows vulnerability, when in love you do not mind revealing it.

Turn Bodies Toward Each Other for Body Language That Show Love

Turning your bodies toward each other and pointing your feet towards the person lets them know that they have your direct attention and you are only focused on them. Touching and gently squeezing lets them know you care. Holding each other's hand shows intimacy and comfort. Mirror each other's body language -- this shows you both have mutual love feelings for each other.

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