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Video:Ballet Dance Wear

with Jennifer Peterson

Proper dance wear is important for ballet classes. Learn what dance wear is appropriate for males, females and tips on what to wear for class.See Transcript

Transcript:Ballet Dance Wear

Hi, I'm Jennifer Peterson for Today, we're going to discuss what to wear to ballet class.

Male Dance Wear

Male dancers should be wearing black tights with white t-shirts and white ballet slippers; also, white socks as well.

Female Dance Wear

Female dancers should be wearing pink tights, leotard. Each ballet school may have a color code; if not, black is preferred. And dancers are sometimes allowed to wear a ballet skirt such as this - sometimes dance teachers do not allow ballet skirts, so it's up to each ballet school to make their rules.

And there are different types of ballet slippers such as leather ballet slippers, and then pointe shoes are required for more advanced students.

Hair should be pulled back, preferably in a bun, and there should be no jewelry worn to class.

Dance Wear Tips

It's very important for dancers to wear form fitting clothes during class, so that the teachers can see exactly where their body is aligned. It can be dangerous for students to wear big, baggy clothes because the teachers will not be able to see where the alignment is.

Students may also be allowed to wear certain warmups during class, such as legwarmers to keep the legs and ankles warm, or sweatpants or sweatshorts. Students may also wear something on their arms to keep their arms warm, such as a ballet sweater or a sweatshirt. These things should only be worn for plies and maybe a tondi combination as well, to get the body nice and warm on cold winter days.

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