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Video:How to Make Pan Seared Scallops

with Elaine Lemm

This video shows you how quick and easy it is to make pan seared scallops that will make you seem like a professional chef. See these step-by-step instructions for how to make pan seared scallops at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Pan Seared Scallops

Hi I'm Elaine Lemm for food and today I am going to show you how to cook one of my favorite seafood dishes, Pan Seared Scallops.

Ingredients for Pan Seared Scallops

Al you need for this recipe are:
  • Fat meaty scallops, these are dry-packed so need no rinsing
  • Sea salt or Kosher salt
  • Vegetable oil
  • Clarified butter, which is melted butter with the white solids removed or use melted unsalted butter
  • A nonstick skillet pan and some kitchen tongs

Instructions for Making Pan Seared Scallops

The first thing we need to do is generously season the scallops with sea salt, make sure you put plenty on.

Heat the pan on the stove until it is lovely and hot. In there I am going to put a good tablespoon of vegetable oil and a tablespoon of the clarified butter. Leave this to get hot to the point where it is almost smoking. You can see this is just beginning to smoke so into there I am going to put my scallops.

And now for the important bit - do not move the scallops. You need to resist any temptation to jiggle the pan or move the scallops around. What you need to do is develop a really nice brown caramelized crust.

These scallops have had about 2 minutes and now I think it is about time to take a little peek. Yes, they are getting a very nice caramelized surface there so it's time to flip them over.So flip them over, oh gorgeous. They are going to need less on this side they are going to need about another minute. Again we are not going to move them around the pan just let them sit there in the oil and butter.

The thing about scallops it is very easy to overcook them, so after these have had about a minute we need to test them, and yes, see, very nice they spring back, they are ready so they need to come off the heat and you have to serve them almost immediately.

Now you can have these simply are they are with a little melted butter, you may have a favourite sauce that goes with them, I like to serve them with risotto. It's up to you.

So, there you have it, pan seared scallops. Quick, easy and really delicious.
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