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Video:How to Microwave Bacon

with Cliff Wildman

It's easy to microwave bacon rather than turning on the oven or cooking it with a frying pan. See these instructions for how to microwave bacon correctly.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Microwave Bacon

Hi, Cliff Wildman here with food and today I'm going to show you how to make bacon in your microwave.

Basic Instruction on How to Microwave Bacon

First, we're going to take a microwave safe plate and we're going to place a microwave safe paper towel on top of it. Make sure you do check the label on your paper towels.

Placement of Bacon on Plate

And now we're going to lay out four to six pieces of bacon depending on the size of your plate. Now you need to make sure that the bacon is not overlapping or touching. Once you have the bacon laid out on the plate take another piece of paper towel and lay it on top.

Cooking the Bacon

We're going to put this in the microwave on high for six minutes. After about three minutes you're going to want to check and see how well the bacon is cooking. And if you have a microwave that doesn't have a carousel you're going to want to turn the plate to help cook the bacon evenly.

Now at six minutes the bacon is pretty much done. If you'd like it crispier you can put it in for another minute. And now we're going to take another plate, put a fresh piece of paper towel on top of it and put the bacon from the microwave onto this plate to drain and to finish firming up and cooking.

And that's how you make bacon in a microwave. It's really easy to do and can be a lot less messy than cooking in a frying pan.

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