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Video:How to Saute Vegetables

with Danilo Alfaro

Sauteing vegetables like green beans is a simple but tasty way to cook them. Keep the heat high and the food movin' and shakin', and before you know it, you'll know how to saute.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Saute Vegetables

Hi! My name is Danilo Alfaro and I'm's Guide to culinary arts, and today I'm going to show you how to saute. The way I'm going to do that is by demonstrating a very simple recipe for sauteed green beans with shallots and a little bit of lemon juice.

What Is Sauteing?

Sauteing is a dry-heat method of cooking that involves cooking the food over a very high temperature using just a little tiny bit of fat. Saute in French means "to jump" or toss, or something like that - the idea is that stuff is flying around. Oh, and by the way, a saute pan kind of has these slope-y sides, which makes it easy to toss those items around. I'll show you what I mean in just a second.

Heat the Pan to Saute

So the way we're going to start this here is - as you can see - we've got a hot pan, we add a little bit of oil to that and I've got some chopped shallot here - I'm just going to hit that in there like that, and just move it around just a tiny little bit.

Saute the Green Beans

Once we get those to where we want them, we're just add the green beans and we're going to saute, and we're just going to keep that stuff moving around until the green beans turn a nice really sort of very bright shade of green.

Benefits of Sauteing Green Beans

Because vegetables don't take a long time to cook - they cook relatively quickly - sauteing is a great way to cook just about any type of vegetable because with the high heat it cooks more or less right away and keeps that sort of crunchy texture, it kind of keeps that fresh flavor and it brings out a bright color in something and doesn't really take very long to get it where you want it to go.

Serve the Sauteed Green Beans

By the way, lemon juice is a great accompaniment for green beans and a lot of other vegetables like asparagus and broccoli - beats, also very nice with a little bit of lemon juice. You almost can't add too much lemon juice to this dish, it's really going to make it jump. And speaking of jumping, I'm just going to give this another little toss here as we're almost ready to plate it up. These are some perfectly sauteed green beans with shallots and lemon juice. Sauteing: it's the bomb. By the way, I tasted one of these a second ago - perfectly cooked. I mean perfectly cooked green beans and that's how you saute.

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