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Video:How to Make Homemade Flavored Mayonnaise

with Michele Manfredi

Creating homemade flavored mayonnaise is fast, easy, and is much less expensive than store-bought kinds. Here are three great examples of homemade flavored mayonnaise.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Homemade Flavored Mayonnaise

Hello, I'm Michele Manfredi from About.com Food. Today we're going to talk about flavoring mayonnaise. Making your own flavored mayonnaise at home is really easy. I'm going to show you three of my favorites right now. Please keep in mind as we go through these that they're all to taste, so the measurements I'm giving you is just what I've used, you'll definitely what to taste and adjust as you go.

Homemade Flavored Mayonnaise: Lemon Pesto

First up, is a delicious lemon pesto mayonnaise. I'm going to take a 1/2-cup of mayonnaise and add fresh lemon juice to taste, I'm using about a teaspoon. To that I'm going to add a rounded tablespoon of pesto. This is just regular prepared pesto from the store. I bought this for a pesto pizza a few days ago and I saved a tablespoon just for this. I'm going to give this a stir, and that's ready to serve.

Such a versatile cold sauce, you could use this anywhere you'd use regular mayonnaise, but I really love it as a dip for fresh vegetables. Here I'm enjoying it with a simple steamed artichoke, so good, and that took like a minute to make.

Homemade Flavored Mayonnaise: Indian-Spiced

All right, next up we're going to get a little more exotic, this is an Indian-spiced mayonnaise. Again, I'm starting with a 1/2 cup of plain mayonnaise, and to that I'm going to add this, garam masala, which is a type of Indian curry powder; all right I'm going to stir in about a teaspoon. Really, any kind of curry powder will work, although they can vary a lot in spiciness. The one I used was fairly mild, so you see me adding a little bit of hot sauce here. All right, let me taste this.

Now this is a really versatile mayonnaise. It makes a great sandwich spread or a cold sauce for grilled chicken and you can also try it in things like potato salad. Flavored mayonnaise is a great way to break up your kitchen routine.

Homemade Flavored Mayonnaise: Chipotle Lime

The third variety I'd like to show you is a chipotle lime mayonnaise. As you know, this is a very popular flavor combination. We're going to start with our 1/2 cup of mayonnaise again, to that, I'm going to squeeze in 1/2 of a small lime, maybe about 2 teaspoons, and then about a teaspoon of chipotle. Chipotle is made with ground, smoked jalapeños, and it is spicy, so be careful.

As I've said with all of these, add a little bit, taste and adjust. I've made these so many times, I just know by eye, how much I like. All right, I'm going to give that a mix and our third flavored mayonnaise is done. When you're using dried spice to make a flavored mayonnaise like we've done here, it will last quite a while in the fridge, basically as long as mayonnaise will last. But as you can see here, as I spread my chipotle lime mayonnaise on this sandwich, they really don't last long around here.

So there you go, how easy was that. We made three varieties of flavored mayonnaise, each inspired by a different cuisine, all within a few minutes. I really hope we inspired you to try some of these yourself. Enjoy.

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