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Video:Decorate Snowflake Cookies

with Elizabeth LaBau

Intricate, delicate, and sparkling, snowflake sugar cookies are a beautiful winter treat. Learn several different designs for decorating snowflake cookies.See Transcript

Transcript:Decorate Snowflake Cookies

Supplies for Snowflake Cookies

To make snowflake cookies, you will need:

  • Sugar cookies in the shape of snowflakes
  • Royal icing with a stiff consistency
  • An assortment of white sprinkles
  • A piping bag with a small round tip
  • And if you have one, a squeeze bottle

Prepare the Royal Icing

Before we begin we need to prepare the royal icing. Place about a cup of the stiff icing in a piping bag fitted with a small round tip. This will be used to outline the cookies.

Thin the Rest of the Icing

The rest of the icing will be thinned out and used to fill in the center of the cookies. Add a small teaspoon of water to the icing and stir until it's incorporated. We're looking to get our icing to be the consistency of maple syrup. It should flow smoothly from the spoon, and when it drops into the bowl it should disappear in 2-3 seconds. Add more water, a little at a time, until it seems right. Pour it into your squeeze bottle, if you have one.

Piping Patterns

For the first snowflake design, we'll be piping a pattern directly onto the plain sugar cookie. Draw intersecting lines through each arm of the snowflake. Notice how the piping tip doesn't touch the cookie--instead, the icing drops in a thread from the tip to the cookie, which is an easier way to pipe and produces a nice, smooth line. Now add additional flourishes like a V-shape through the arms, and dots at the end.

Finish off these cookies by pressing small sugar pearls or silver balls into the frosting. You could also just do dots of icing if you don’t have the pearls. It's a simple design to make, but it looks classic and impressive.

All-White Snowflakes

To create all-white snowflakes, take your icing and outline all around a cookie, using the same technique of letting the icing drop from the tip. After you've outlined five or six cookies, go back and fill them in. Use the squeeze bottle to deposit the thinned icing in the middle of the outline. If you don't have a bottle, carefully spoon or pipe the icing between the lines. Don't worry if there are some gaps. Take a toothpick and push the icing to the edges and fill in any holes.

Now at this point, you can just cover the top with white sprinkles and have a nice sparkly snowflake. But if you're looking for something a little more intricate, don't add the sprinkles now. Instead, let the cookies dry completely, preferably overnight.

Once dry, take your frosting and outline the snowflake again, going all the way around the edges. Now draw a design inside the snowflake--intersecting lines from each snowflake arm is an easy one. Cover the wet icing with white sprinkles, then tap off the excess. The sprinkles will stick to the wet icing and slide off the dry, giving your snowflake some sparkle and depth.

Intricate Snowflake Patterns

The last design option is to pipe a more intricate pattern on top of the white snowflake for a white-on-white effect that looks really stunning. Again, outline the shape of the snowflake, and start with intersecting lines. This time, add curlicues, flourishes, and dots inside the borders of the snowflake. The fuller you make it look, the nicer it looks. I think this design ends up looking like a beautiful china pattern when it's done.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started designing your own snowflake cookies. Consider adding touches of silver or blue to your snowflakes to make them even more wintery.

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