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Video:How to Clean Squid

with Chef Roblé Ali

If your cooking with squid, the first step is to clean and prepare your squid for cooking. See our step by step guide to cleaning squid.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean Squid

Hi. I’m Chef Roblé for Today I'm gonna show you how to clean a squid from top to bottom.

Remove Tentacles

And here is our whole squid you see that the eyes are clear that it’s something that you always want to look for. Make sure the eyes are clear and not cloudy. So step one, we want to take these tentacles right here you cease to longer pieces just cut them off. It’s edible but it’s just kind of awkward to eat and it does get in the way later on. So that’s step one.

Remove Head and Quill

Step two is we want to take off the head. You’re going to cut right here behind the eyes you can kind of see the slope where the back of the head in. Just cut directly through to separate the head from the body. I’m just going to put that back here for now.

So what we’re going to do now is remove the quill of the squid. This is how you find it. There’s these two fins right here, in between the fins just follow this line straight up and you will feel a bone in here, or cartilage its more like cartilage actually than a bone. This is the backbone of the squid. You can feel right here and you can probably see it. The tip to scrap a hold of it, hold it right around the head of the squid, or what was the head. And just pull straight out and there’s the quill. Looks like a little feather. You can go ahead and trash that.

Gut the Squid

So the next step we want to eviscerate or gut the squid. So what you do is you take it by the tail, hold it up and you just slip your fingers in there and you’ll feel this kind of a bony piece here to the tip. You just grab a hold of that and pull directly down. Everything should come out. They need to go back up there and fish around making sure there is no extra piece of the quill left inside. Actually there is! Sometimes that happens this little piece of the quill that was still left inside. And now, it’s totally clean on the inside.

Remove the Skin and Fins

So the next that is we're going to take the skin off of the squid, this is fairly easy to do. You just come in here and just pull it right off. Comes off quite easily. As you can see here it comes right off. There you go. It’s completely skinned.

So the next step, you want to take the fins of the squid and remove them from the body. You can basically just yank them right off. There is one, and one more. They come right off fairly easily. These are edible but what you want to do is make sure that you cut off this part right in here, the part that attaches the fin or wing to the squid. It’s pretty tough and not very palatable. So just trim that right off. Came right off. I’ll do the same thing to the second one.

And another good idea is these are a little more tough than the rest of the squid you want to just score it, and by scoring it I mean you want to make a little shallow cuts like a cross hatch down the squid. And see I’m gonna come down and cut across again. And that will tend to rise this part of the squid, the fins. I’m not cutting through; I am just maybe cutting a quarter of the way through to loosen it up a little bit. Now we have the two and we are going to slice this up.

Slice Up the Squid

First thing you want to remove this tip right here, just cut a little bit off, it’s gone. Now you’re going to slice up the squid is thin or estate is you would like. I’m going to go for the thickness of fried calamari in a bar restaurant. So, about a third to half of an inch thick all of the way up. This little tip? Don’t get rid of it, it’s totally edible.

Remove the Beak

The next step, we’re going to deal with the head of the squid. First thing we want to do is remove the beak. The squid has a beak like a bird has a beak and the way you remove it is, you just write here where the eyes are you just squeeze behind the eyes and that beak is going to pop up right here, pinch here and it pops right out. You want to throw that away, it’s not edible.

After that, you would just remove all the parts of the head that are behind the eyes does cut right in front of the eye. You see right here? You’re going to cut all the way through, remove that.

Remove the Suckers

The final step, is removing some of these suckers from the tentacles. These are editable but, sometimes they come off you know. If you’re going to sauté the squid they come off and it’s just weird to have suckers floating around in your pasta or whatever you’re doing. Ao you’re going to take your knife, I use the blade, and don’t press down to firmly you don’t want to cut through you just want to scrape off as many of these as you can. I want to show you one. Get a good look at this. You see those suckers on there now right? And you just great here. Most of them will come right off.

And here you have a completely clean and disassembled squid. That wasn’t so hard was it?

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