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Video:Christmas Tree Cookies

with Elizabeth LaBau

This video tutorial shows decorating tips for turning plain cookies into beautiful Christmas tree cookies. See how to decorate Christmas tree cookies at home and make them look like they were done by a professional.See Transcript

Transcript:Christmas Tree Cookies

Supplies for Decorating Christmas Tree Cookies

To make Christmas tree cookies, you will need:

  • Sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas trees
  • Royal icing with a stiff consistency
  • Green, red, and yellow food coloring
  • An assortment of colored sprinkles
  • Piping bags with small round tips
  • And if you have one, a squeeze bottle

Making Icing for the Christmas Tree Cookies

Start by coloring your royal icing. We'll mostly be using green icing, so reserve about a half cup of white icing, and dye the remaining royal icing with green food coloring. Add enough icing to get a bright green, then divide the remaining white icing into 3 small bowls and dye one red, one yellow, and leave one white.

Place about a cup of the green icing in a piping bag fitted with a small round tip. The rest of the green icing will be thinned out and used to fill in the center of the cookies. Add a spoonful of water and stir until it's incorporated. The goal is to get the royal icing to be the consistency of maple syrup--it should flow well from the spoon and be re-absorbed in the bowl in 2-3 seconds. Thin out the red, yellow, and white icings, as well, and place the thinned icings in squeeze bottles or piping bags.

Instructions for Decorating the Christmas Tree Cookies

Working with five or six cookies at a time, outline the Christmas trees with the stiff green royal icing. Notice how the icing drops from the tip in a thread onto the cookie, instead of pressing the tip directly against the cookie. This method is easier to control and makes a nice, smooth line.

Once your cookies are outlined, use the squeeze bottle of thinned green icing to fill in the middle of the outline. If you don't have a bottle, carefully spoon or pipe the icing between the lines. Don't worry if there are some gaps. Take a toothpick and push the icing to the edges and fill in any holes.

Now at this point you can just scatter coloring sprinkles across the tops of your trees, for a festive look. But you're probably not watching a video to learn how to add sprinkles to cookies, so we'll go a little fancier.

Take your thinned red, yellow, and white colorings, and while the green frosting is still wet, place small dots all over the tree. The colored dots will blend in and have a totally flat look that's really beautiful.

Let the cookies dry completely overnight before adding the finishing touches. Take some frosting--the color doesn't matter--and draw a zig-zag from the base of the tree to the top. Pour sprinkles over the top of the wet frosting, then tap off the excess--this will be your strand of Christmas lights.

Final Touch for Decorating Christmas Tree Cookies

The final touch is to put a star on top, so with yellow or white frosting, pipe a big dab of royal icing on top of the tree, then pour yellow sprinkles on top. When the extra sprinkles are cleaned off, your Christmas tree cookies are finished and are ready to be enjoyed by friends and family.

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