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Video:Candy Cane Cookies

with Elizabeth LaBau

Learn how to transform ordinary sugar cookies into eye-catching red and white striped candy cane cookies. See these instructions for making festive candy cane cookies.See Transcript

Transcript:Candy Cane Cookies

Supplies for Decorating Candy Cane Cookies

To make candy cane cookies, you will need:

  • Sugar cookies in the shape of candy canes
  • Royal icing with a stiff consistency
  • Red food coloring
  • Red or white sprinkles
  • Piping bags and small round tips
  • And if you have one, a squeeze bottle

Preparing to Decorate Candy Cane Cookies

Before we start, we need to prepare the royal icing. First spoon about a cup of the firm royal icing into a piping bag fitted with a small round tip. This will be used to outline all the cookies.

Next put another cup of the royal icing in a small bowl. Add the red food coloring and stir gently. Once you get a color you like, add a spoonful of water to thin it out and then transfer it to another piping bag fitted with a small round tip.

Finally, take the rest of your white royal icing and thin it out by adding a teaspoon of water and stirring. We want to get it to a smooth consistency that flows easily, and we do this by slowly adding water, just a spoonful at a time. When it's ready it should have the consistency of syrup and easily flow off the spoon. Transfer the thinned icing to your squeeze bottle, if you have one.

Decorating the Candy Cane Cookies

Take the stiff white royal icing in the piping bag and begin to outline around one of the candy cane cookies. Notice how the icing is sort of dropping in an unbroken thread from the tip to the cookie. This technique produces really nice, smooth lines.

After you've outlined 5 or 6 cookies, take your thin icing in the squeeze bottle and fill up the interior of the cookies with white icing. If you don't have a bottle, carefully spoon or pipe the frosting in between the lines. Don't worry if there are some gaps. Take a toothpick and move the icing around, filling in any holes and making sure it extends all the way to the edge of the outline.

Cookie Decorating Suggestions

Now here are a few different decorating suggestions. While the white icing is still wet, take your red icing and draw diagonal stripes across the candy cane all the way to the top. Take a toothpick and drag it through the icing from the bottom to the top of the candy cane, creating a wavy line. Now start at the top and drag the toothpick down, creating waves in the opposite direction. When you're finished you'll have a classy striped candy cane.

You can use a similar technique to make hearts on your candy cane. Place red dots in a row down the center of the cane. Starting at the top, drag a toothpick through the middle of the dots, creating a series of connected hearts.

Another cute design is just to pipe red dots on the wet white icing. They'll become entirely flat and look seamless when they dry.

If you want to add sparkle and texture, let the white frosting dry completely. This will take at least a few hours, or ideally overnight. Once dry, pipe on your horizontal red lines, then cover the wet icing with red sprinkles. The sprinkles will stick to the red and slide off the white, leaving you with a glittering candy cane.

These are just a few possibilities for creating cute cookies. Now that you know these basic techniques you can get creative and design your own candy cane cookies.

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