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Video:How to Boil and Clean a Lobster

with Chef Roblé Ali

Lobster meat is delicious, but requires a bit of work to get at. See our tips on how to boil and clean lobsters in your own kitchen.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Boil and Clean a Lobster

Hi, I’m chef Roblé for Today we’re gonna learn how to boil and clean a Lobster.

Prepare the Water

First take a large stock pot. Fill it 3/4 of the way with cold water. Add a generous amount of salt. Taste the water. It should be as salty as the ocean.

Boil the Lobster

So once you water comes to a rolling boil. Take the lobster and add it right into the boiling water. The next question is how long do you cook it. The rule is, for the first pound you cook the lobster for 10 minutes. For every pound after that you cook it for 3 minutes. This is a 1 1/2 pound lobster so that means I need to cook it for 11 and 1/2 minutes or so.

Add Lobster to Ice Bath

While the lobster is cooking you want to make yourself a nice little ice bath. A big bowl of ice water so we can rapidly cool the lobster after it’s done cooking. Ok time is up. We want to take the lobster out of the boiling water and drop it right into the ice bath and let it cool. Make sure we get it under the ice. Perfect, let it cool for about 7 minutes.

Remove Claws and Tail

Ok so now we’re gonna clean the lobster. First step take the rubber bands off of the claws. We’re gonna lake the claws off at the base. Second step. We’re gonna twist off the tail. One hand on the head. One hand on the tail and just twist it. Tail pops right off head goes on the side. You can save this to make lobster stock with this, lobster bisque with this. This is highly flavorful. Might come in handy later.

Opening the Knuckle

Next step, you want to separate the claw from the knuckle. You just snap it right off. Claw over here, knuckle over here. Same thing with the other claw. Claw over here, knuckle over here. Using a pair of kitchen shears we’re gonna split this knuckle right down the middle. Work it right down the middle. Ok open it right up with your thumbs. A little messy. This is the best meat on the lobster. Not a whole lot of it but definitely worth the effort.

Cleaning the Tail

Now we’re gonna clean the tail. This is very easy. You just place the knife right here ate the bottom if the tail and press straight down. Cut the tail in 1/2. The meat comes out very easily. Pull it right out. And just like that. That’s the tail meat right there.

Opening the Lobster Claw

And finally we’re gonna clean the claw. First thing you want to to is with the back end of the knife, you want to pound the claw. You want to crack the shell without hurting or bruising the meat. Takes a little practice but you’ll get it down after a while. So I cracked it all the way around. I’m gonna pull out the bottom claw first and then the top claw meat comes right out. Sometimes the meat gets stuck in the bottom claw. You just kind of tap it. There it goes. There it is that bottom piece of the claw. So here’s your poached and cleaned lobster. Tail meat, claw meat, knuckle meat.

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