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Video:How to Choose a Disney Cruise

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All Disney cruises are packed with fun for the whole family. In this video, you'll learn what Disney cruises have to offer and how to choose the perfect one.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Choose a Disney Cruise

Hey, Lindsay here for So you definitely want to go on a Disney Cruise, but which one? Each is packed with that special Disney magic, but these voyages are all unique, so we're going to find out which is right for you.

Disney Cruise Ports of Call

First, where do you want to dock? Want to soak up the sun and enjoy Paradise Island? Then you'll want to stop at Disney's Caribbean ports of call, including Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin and Disney's incredible private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay.

You can take a cruise to locations like Alaska or Europe. These cruises are offered seasonally, during the summer, so plan ahead and decide when you want to take that vacation.

Activities on a Disney Cruise

I'm here with cruise director Christian, who's going to tell us all about the Disney Cruise Line experience. So, Christian, what makes the Disney Cruise so special?

Christian: Well, when our guests come onboard, they really feel like they have a vacation that's been catered just for them. Our kids can immerse themselves in magical activities in the youth activity spaces, our adults can find venues that are just for them where they can relax and enjoy themselves, and of course, when they come together as a family with all of the experiences here onboard, they really create memories that'll last a lifetime.

Families will feel like this vacation was made just for them. The adults can find amazing places to relax, rejuvenate, maybe even kick up their heels in the nightclub. The kids, of course, have a space dedicated just for them, with spaces for the teens, for the tweens, for the little ones in the nursery. There's absolutely something for everyone here, from game shows to dance parties to big musical productions to relaxing in the sun and amazing beach days.

Resources for Planning a Disney Cruise

Lindsay: You can plan to be onboard for as short as 3 nights or as long as 12 nights. Maybe you want to combine a shorter cruise with a visit to Walt Disney World.

Christian: There are some great resources online at that can help you plan your trip and prepare for the itinerary you're heading out on. And then once you get onboard the ship, of course every cast member here onboard the ship is happy to help, but we also have what we call our Personal Navigator, and it's delivered to the state room each night for the following day, so you can plan your day before you go to sleep. It has all the events and activities, all the movies, all the character appearances, all the dance parties, it has your dining times and the operating hours; it's like a TV Guide. You can completely plan your day, it's very easy to read, and it really helps the families determine how they want to spend their next day with us.

Lindsay: If you're traveling with kids, the Disney Cruise Line has plenty of onboard activities geared specifically to children. If you plan on bringing a toddler along, you'll want to check out the nursery programs available for kids under 4. First time cruisers may also want to start with a shorter trip that has fewer ports of call.

So those are your options, but really, you can't go wrong no matter which you choose. It's a Disney Cruise, after all, the happiest place out at sea!

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