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Video:Best Family Activities on a Disney Cruise

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Disney Cruises offer a multitude of fun and exciting activities for the whole family, including the Edge and Vibe Lounge for teens, and the Oceaneer's Club for younger children.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Family Activities on a Disney Cruise

Lindsay: Hey! Lindsay here for on board the Disney Dream. A Disney cruise is the ultimate destination for kids out at sea. So let's check out some of the activities that are great for families and what kind of fun is exclusively for the kids. 

Disney's Oceaneer's Club

At the Oceaneer's Club kids can explore so many different rooms including Andy's room, where they can hang out with all of their favorite characters from Toy Story.  

Lindsay:  So what's the best part of working in this area?

Natalie: You know what, it's just each and every day you have so much fun. You see the delight in the childrens' faces, just seeing them interact in all the different areas, the interactive magic play floor, all the different rooms, it's just so much fun.  

Lindsay: And what kind of activities can they do here?  

Natalie: Lots of fun different activities, including game shows, dance parties, you've also got our craft activities in here as well, great events known as super sloppy science where they get to get involved with different experiments.

We've also got our interactive magic play floor as well where they can soar above the London sky with Peter Pan. They can also step into the futuristic world of Tron and then of course here in the Oceaneer club and the Oceaneer Lab on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy you can have real time conversations with Crush, the animated sea turtle from Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo, or of course Stitch, that mischievous space alien as well. So lots and lots of fun to be had in these spaces.  

Disney's Edge and Vibe Teen Lounge

Lindsay: For older kids and teens the Disney cruises have exclusive lounge areas called the Edge and Vibe. Here, there's computers, media stations, and things to do like dance parties.

And some of these Disney cruise ships also have an outdoor area with a pool just for teens. Now the pool is always on of the best spots for kids, tell me about what you have here. 

Natalie: Oh my goodness, we have pools for all ages, kids, families, adults, not forgetting our fantastic toddler splash zone, and the Mickey slide as well.  

Lindsay: The whole family is welcomed in other lounge areas that host game shows, karaoke, dancing, and there's always the arcade for a little family friendly competition. So I hear we can even meet some friends here too? 

Disney Cruise Characters: Stitch

Natalie: Absolutely, in fact we can talk to Stitch right now if you'd like. 

Lindsay: I would love to! Aloha Stitch!  

Stitch: Aloha everybody!  

Lindsay: Hey Stitch what have you been up to today? 

Stitch: Stitch has just been bouncing around, flying in outer space. 

Lindsay: Have you had some coffee cake today? 

Stitch: Yes! Stitch has had lots of coffee cake! Yummy, yummy coffee cake! Stitch's favorite, loving coffee cake! 

Lindsay: No wonder why you are bouncing around so much! There's places for the whole family to enjoy a meal, like the Animators Palate that has a dinner show that features amazing Imagineering technology. But no matter what age comes on board there is absolutely fun for everyone on board a Disney cruise.  

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