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Video:Activities for Parents on a Disney Cruise

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Disney Cruises aren't just catered for children, but adults can have fun as well. In this video, learn about the adult-catered activities on the cruise ship.See Transcript

Transcript:Activities for Parents on a Disney Cruise

Lindsay: Hey! Lindsay here for on a Disney cruise. Disney Cruises are packed with family-friendly features, but there's plenty of activities just for the adults, so parents can really unwind while the kids are off playing. Let's check 'em out. 

Disney Cruise Adult Nightlife

I'm here with Clayton, a cruise director, who's going to tell me how adults can unwind during a Disney cruise. So, what's the nightlife like Clayton? 

Clayton: We have something for all of our adults. You know, if some of them like to go out and just go dancing- you know how often do our adults get the chance to go out and dance together, right? So, they can go to the dance clubs on board.

We also have some of our piano bars on board, where you can just go and relax. And then of course some sports clubs as well, where you can go in and watch your favorite game right there on the big screen television.  

Disney Cruise Adult-Only Areas

Lindsay: Are there adults only areas on the ships? 

Clayton: We have the pool areas - the quiet cove pool area. Then of course, the spas on board, adult only as well. And then at nighttime, the ship comes to life in those adult areas. We have the night lounges, the nightclubs where you go in. And some of those nightclubs even have different themed nights, where you can dance to 70s, 80s, 90s music and just really enjoy the nightlife on board. 

Lindsay: There's massages, spa treatments, saunas and salons. There's also a state of the art fitness center, where you could take a group class, or schedule a personal one-on-one training session. So what's the rainforest room here? 

Lisa: So our rainforest room is an experience where we take heat, water, and steam therapy and combine it with aromatherapy, and it's just complete relaxation for our guests. On top of the wonderful shower and steam rooms that we have, we also have some relaxation mosaic heated tile chairs. And on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, you can also enjoy private whirlpool hot tubs, outdoor on a private deck, with a stunning view as we set sail from any of our beautiful ports of call.  

Disney Cruise Restaurants

Lindsay: If you're really just want to indulge on your cruise vacation, make dinner reservations at Palo, and sample its' Italian dishes. The Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy also have Remy, a truly luxurious French dining experience. What's the atmosphere like for adults when they sit down in Palo or Remy? 

Lloyd: There's two different flavors all together-Remy being more classical, more French, it's much more, a little bit more elegant. Palo's is a little bit more casual. You know, you've got the Italians out here, and the hands start moving a little bit, the chef might come by and talk to you.

The best part about Palo's is we've got some beautiful cuisine. We've got the shrimps; the shrimps, which are marinated overnight in a tomato sauce, served with a little bit of a basil pesto. We have the tuna, which you can cook it the way you like it - I personally like it rare, blue as we call it. Nice potato salad, with some artichokes and asparagus on there. And we've got the traditional buffalo mozzarella caprese. Mozzarella, with some nice buffalo tomatoes, balsamic vinegar on the side. And for dessert, you go to a good Italian restaurant you've got to close with a nice tiramisu. Our chefs also have created a very nice chocolate dessert, which is called chocolate amaretto indulgence. If you're a chocoholic, that's what you're going to go for.  

Lindsay:  But don't worry mom & dad, you're still invited to join the kids on desk for parties, shows, games and hanging out with these guys!

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