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Video:5 Activities for Kids on a Cruise

with Pamela French

Not sure if your kids will enjoy a cruise vacation? Watch this About.com travel video to learn more about five common activities for kids on a cruise.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Activities for Kids on a Cruise

Hi I’m Pamela French for About.com and today I’m going to show you 5 activities for kids on a cruise.

Pools on a Cruise

The pool is probably the most kid friendly activity on the cruise ship, and the one your kids will typically be spending the most time at. Most ships have slides and other pool friendly water-park like additions, to make the pool experience, extremely fun for all ages.

Cruise Youth Clubs

Youth programs are a highlight on board most cruise ships, entertaining the kids and giving the parents a little time to themselves. These programs have activities that range from storytelling and a upcake decorating to dance parties and dodge ball, whatever ages the kids are, there’s a youth program activity to meet his or her needs.

Sporting Activities and Game Rooms on Cruises

The sporting activities are another big draw for kids while on board the ship. Some cruise ships have more conventional sporting activities while others have more unconventional activities like rock walls and bowling alleys.

The game room and its machines, is another activity your kids will be begging to do. From the Foosball and air hockey type games to the race cars and electronic games hours will go by without a peep from the little ones.

Movies, kid friendly evening performances and a chocaholic extravaganza are always what the kids seem to remember most. Staying up late, no curfew and being entertained night after night is what makes the entire cruise experience so magically for kids.

Thanks for watching, if you’d like to learn about what kid activities on a cruise, please visit About.com

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