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Video:Single Crochet

with Edna Kurtzman

The single crochet stitch is easy, and will look fabulous on all the scarves and blankets you can whip up when using it. See how to do the single crochet.See Transcript

Transcript:Single Crochet

Hi, I'm Edna Kurtzman for, and today I'm going to show you how to do single crochet.

Start the Single Crochet

Once your beginning chain is completed, again count the number of stitches to match your pattern, you then insert the hook into the second stitch, grab your yarn and pull it right thru that loop. You now have two loops on your hook. Grab the yarn again in that hook and pull it thru both loops. One single crochet made.

Let's go to the next stitch. Insert, or the next chain, insert the hook into that chain, grab that yarn, pull it thru, two loops again on that hook, grab the yarn, bring it thru the two loops. Here we go again: insert into the chain, grab the yard, pull it thru, grab the yarn again and pull it thru the two loops. Lots of practice will help to maintain an even tension.

Single Crochet the Next Row

When you get to the end of the row most instructions will tell you to chain one, just like in your starting chain, turn your project and then insert your hook into that stitch, pull up a loop, pull thru both loops on your hook. And continue down your row for the indicated number of single crochets specified in your pattern. Lots of practice for even tension.

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