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Video:Simple Crochet Fringe

with Edna Kurtzman

Once you finish your crochet project, adding fringe can be a nice touch. See how to loop in a simple fringe in just a few steps.See Transcript

Transcript:Simple Crochet Fringe

Hi, I'm Edna Kurtzman for, and today I am going to show you how to fringe your finished project. Fringe can be an interesting way to finish a project. It may be a simple single knot fringe; it may be a double or multiple knotted fringe.

Measure the Crochet Fringe

A ruler will be handy to measure the length of each strand of yarn, or a piece of card board, wrapping the yard around the card board several times until you have the desired number of yarn strands. Just gather them up and cut.

Add the Fringe to the Crochet Project

Usually I like to use a minimum of two strands, bring those two strands together, fold them in half, insert the hook into the starting chain, take that loop, put it on your crocheting hook and when you are doing the fringe you may find that you need to use a larger crocheting hook than you used for your actual project.

Pull that fringe through - pull those two strands through, you've got a big loop here, and either use the crochet hook to pull the yarn through or sometimes it's even easier to do it with your fingers. Bring that crochet hook into the next stitch, or two or three stitches down depending upon how far apart you want to space your fringe. Insert that hook through that stitch, folding the strands in half, looping it onto your hook pull it through and it's often times a lot easier just to take your fingers and pull through, tightening it to the desired tension that you like. Usually you're going to be working from the wrong side. Hold that fringe out and take that scissor to even the edges.

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