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Video:How to Crochet: Switching Colors

with Yvonne

Switching colors in your crochet material is often used for style or necessity. Get a demonstration on how to switch colors of material in crochet.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Crochet: Switching Colors

Hi my name is Yvonne, and I'm here with to demonstrate how to change colors in crochet.

How to Switch Colors in Crochet

To demonstrate you will need at least two colors of worster weight yarn, and a size i9 crochet hook. I am going to use three of the basic stitches. I already have some samples worked up, and how I generally prefer to change colors is at the end of a row in the last stitch. So what you're going to do is to begin your single. You begin in your old color, grab your new color, make a loop, drape that over your hook and you're going to yarn over with your old color and your new color. The old color I have is already cut, so at this point you just pull that up and through. And you're ready to go to work with your new color.

And to work another row of single crochets you chain one, turn your work, and work a row of singles, capturing my old color tail across the top of the singles. So I have less yarn to weave in. Again this is the half-double. Yarn over begin your stitch, you pull up a loop so your whole stitch is the same color as your old color. Loop your new color on your hook. Yarn over with your old color, and bring both colors through. Your old color should be cut, and then pull the tail up and through. So your completed stitch is still in your old color but you're ready to start with your new color. Half double, you chain two, turn and begin your half double in your first stitch, working over the old color tail across the top of your row. Just tuck that in and out of the way.


More Ways to Switch Colors in Crochet

Same thing applies to the double crochet, you start your last stitch, yarn over and pull through two, it's always tow with in the last yarn over of the completion of your stitch. Make it loop, with a new color, put it on the hook, you'll make your final yarn over with your old color and pull both the old and the new color through.  

Your old color should be cut, and pull the tail up through the top. Again don't tug on it because the stitch is done, locked in it's not going anywhere. And since you're working doubles, chain two, turn your work, and to avoid the gap in the space between the chain three and the double and the next chain two and double in the same. And again you're going to work over your old color tail across the top of your row. So you have it done in three basic stitches, single, half-double and double.

And that's how you change colors in crochet. Thanks for watching to learn more please visit us at

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