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Video:How to Crochet: Basic Slip Knot

with Yvonne

Slipknots are necessary when starting any crochet project. Get a demonstration on how to crochet a basic slipknot in this video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Crochet: Basic Slip Knot

Hi my name is Yvonne, and I'm here with to demonstrate how to do a slip knot to start your crochet.

How to Do a Basic Slipknot

To do a slipknot to start your crochet project all you need is a hook, I have a size i-9 and worsted weight yarn. At the beginning of your project you will need to make a slipknot. I use two varieties of a slipknot but there are many. One is I use the tail end and pick it up drape it and cross it over my pointer, holding the tail with my thumb and the working strand with my two fingers. Insert my hook underneath, yarn over to pull the tail through the loop that's crossed on my pointer finger, and tighten it to make a knot. To adjust it I use the tail and adjust it to the size of the hook, so it flows freely, and I call this the magic slipknot because, like magic, its gone!

Another Method for a Basic Slipknot

Another method of doing a slipknot is simple, where you just leave a longer tail, make a loop that you can put your hook onto, twist it, and then yarn over and pull it through. And that's also like magic cause you can take it out easily again. And one other way of doing a slipknot is to position your yarn in the shape of a ‘Q” with the tail hanging out down here. Stick your hook under the line that runs through the middle, grab your working end grab your tail end and make a fist and using the hook-end, pull. And now you will need to adjust your loop by using the tail end. And that is another way to make a slipknot.

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