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Video:How to Crochet: Basic Shell Stitch

with Yvonne

The basic shell stitch creates a beautiful scalloped effect. Get a demonstration on how to crochet the basic shell stitch in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Crochet: Basic Shell Stitch

Hi my name is Yvonne, and I'm here with to demonstrate the crocheted shell stitch.

How to Crochet a Basic Shell Stitch

To start working a shell stitch I'm going to make my slipknot and for a repeat of several shells across I'm going to chain twenty using a multiple of six for each shell and chain. And that's the third multiple of six, so working that many stitches should give me three chains across, plus my two for a total of twenty. I'm going to work a single in the second chain from the hook. Skip two chains, and again I'm working into the back bump of the chain.

Work a shell which is going to be five stitches, five doubles in the same space. It has a scalloped effect that has many stitches in one space, that's five doubles. I'll skip two chains and work a single in that next chain. And skip two chains, and work another shell which is five doubles. In the same chain.


How to Continue a Basic Shell Stitch

So now I have two shells across. I now have three shells. And to start the next row, I will chain two instead of three, turn my work, and put three doubles which would represent a half a shell, in the top of the single crochet, the last stitch from the previous row. So that's one, two, three. This is going to scallop and I'm skipping two and do a single in the top of the third double from the shell on the row below.

And now you're going to skip these last two doubles and work a shell into your single. And again that's five doubles. And now you see a full shell next to the half shell at the beginning of the second row. The swatch I have here actually represents two stitches, but the shell stitch is done in the same color of green, and that's the first row and this is the last row worked where you see it starts with the half shell which is the three doubles, and continues with the scallops across and ends with three doubles. And that is how you do the crocheted shell stitch.

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