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Video:How to Crochet: Basic Double Crochet

with Lucille

The basic double crochet is a widely-used stitch in crochet projects. Get a demonstration of the basic double crochet in this video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Crochet: Basic Double Crochet

Hi My name is Lucille. I'm here today with to demonstrate the basic double crochet.

How to Do a Basic Double Crochet

We start with a slipknot. And now were going to chain. Were going to do thirteen, yarn over, through the loop, yarn over through. Eleven, twelve, thirteen. This is your chain. The front of your chain, and the back of the chain. Were going to reverse our count, adjust our yarn, were going to go one, two, three chains. Yarn over the hook and put your hook through the third chain. Yarn over the hook and Pull to the front and adjust.

You're going to yarn over, go through two loops. Yarn over, go through two loops, and again, yarn over, to your next chain you're going to go through. Yarn over to the front. Adjust your stitch. Yarn over, through two. Yarn over, through two. Again, yarn over, through your chain. Yarn over to the front. Keeping in mind that as you do this, because it's your first time, it will be a little tight. Just be aware of it so you can keep a good tension and loose. Yarn over, and were going to complete the row like this.


How to Continue a Basic Double Crochet

Each time we do this were creating a stitch and a piece of fabric. Now we are to the end, and this is what your first row of double crochet looks like. Were going to chain three, one, two, three. Were going to turn. Were going to not pull in the first space, were going into the second space, yarn over, through your fabric, yarn over to the front. Yarn over two. Yarn over two. Yarn over through your fabric yarn over to the front. Yarn over through two. Yarn over through two. You can adjust the height of your stitch if you choose to.

And sometimes you have to because you don't want your stitch to be so tight that it is short. Like this. You can see how it just starts to slump down a little bit. Yarn over, you're going to go through the top chain, yarn over, your three loops, yarn over through two. Yarn over through two. And again, chain one, two three.

And this is how you get your double crochet. To learn more, join us at 

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