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Video:How to Crochet: Basic Crocodile Stitch

with Lucille

The Crocodile Stitch is very elegant in crochet projects. In this how-to video from About.com, get a demonstration on how to do the basic crocodile stitch.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Crochet: Basic Crocodile Stitch

Hi My name is Lucille. I'm here today with About.com to demonstrate the crocodile stitch for you.

How to Do a Crocodile Stitch in Crochet

As you can see, it's variegated, to show the different shades and how the crocodile skin would look. And if you can see it looks like a little bridge, and you're going to work around these little bridges. As you can see, the mesh is in place. Now what were going to do is chain one, two, three. We're going to turn the mesh sideways were going to yarn over, and were going to work five double crochets on the first bar of the mesh. Here's one, and again they are double crochets, here's two. This is your fourth one.


How to Continue a Crocodile Stitch in Crochet

You're going to go back, you're going to chain one, you're going to turn your work to the front so that you can get to the second bar of your V. and you're going again, yarn over and work five double crochets. Here's one, here's two. And here's five. You're going to skip two bars, you're going to turn your work again, sideways, and you're going to work, you're going to put again, five double crochets. Two…five. You're going to chain one, you're going to turn your work to get the second half of the V, which is here.

And again you're going to yarn over and work five more double crochets around that bar. keeping in mind that you're working sideways, not straight up and down. There's your five double crochets. Now the row below with the shell, you're working each row goes in between. Where you have your chain one, you're going to do a little tug, just so it will point out, right in the middle.

This is how you do the crocodile stitch. To learn more join us at About.com.

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