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Video:How to Crochet: Basic Cluster Stitch

with Yvonne

The basic cluster stitch looks very beautiful on its own or combined with other stitches. In this how-to video from, get a demonstration on how to crochet the basic cluster stitch.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Crochet: Basic Cluster Stitch

Hi my name is Yvonne, and I'm here with to demonstrate the crocheted cluster stitch.

How to Do a Crocheted Cluster Stitch

To demonstrate, I will start with my trusty slipknot. And as I'm going to work in pattern I need to work a multiple of stitches for this that multiple is six. So for each cluster I want across my row, I need to change six stitches. In this sample I'm going to do three. Plus the two that I need for my turning chain. I'm going to start my single in the second chain from the hook. And because the cluster is a spreading stitch, I need chains between each stitch I work so I'm going to chain two, and without skipping any further chains you need to pick up a leg in each of the next five chains.


How to a Continue a Crocheted Cluster Stitch

I'm working in doubles, but they will be incomplete doubles. So I'm going to start my double yarn over, going to my chain, the back bump, pull yarn over go through two and stop before I complete the double. I'm going to do it four more times for a total of five. My second leg of my cluster, yarn over and pull up a loop, go through two and stop. I have two incomplete doubles, pull up a loop, yarn over and go through two.

Now I have five incomplete doubles. At this point I yarn over and pull through each loop on my hook, closing them off, chain two, because it needs room. And without skipping any stitches on the bottom, you're going to single into your next chain. And that is the first cluster. It has the look of a reverse shell. Just about to start the last cluster of the three, two, links, and your fifth leg. Again, five incomplete doubles, yarn over and go through all the loops on your hook. Chain two and single into that last chain. Now you have a row of three clusters with your scallops on the bottom and singles in between.

This is a swatch worked with the shell and clusters together. I kept the same colors so you can tell which stitch is which. Separately they are both beautiful, but together they are much more impressive.

And that is how you crochet the cluster stitch. Thanks for watching to learn more please visit us at About.comYvonne 

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