How to Crochet: Adding Fringe to a Scarf Video
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Video:How to Crochet: Adding Fringe to a Scarf

with Lucille

Fringe is a fun and decorative addition to crochet projects. In this how-to video from, get a demonstration on how to add fringe to a scarf.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Crochet: Adding Fringe to a Scarf

Hi, My name is Cille, and I'm here today with to demonstrate how to add fringe to your scarf or any finished work you feel needs a little enhancement.

Preparing Fringe for Crochet Projects

In order to put your fringe you need your completed piece of work, you need your crochet hook, you need your scissors, you need a cardboard, cut to the size length that you want your fringe to be. And you need your extra yarn. If you want your fringe to be 4 inches, you need to make your cardboard eight, and that will give you a 4 inch fringe because once you cut one end of the fringe you're going to fold it in half and you're going to have your four inches.

Circle the tag, and we're going to wind the yarn around very loosely, depending in how many pieces you want in your fringe, how thick you want it, you can decide on that once you've placed your first set. What you're going to do is cut at one end.


How to Add Fringe for Crochet Projects

You're going to take it off your cardboard and now you're ready to place your fringe. Were going to do four strands, you're going to fold it in half again, you're going to take your hook and at the bottom of your scarf or whatever you're putting your fringe on, you're going to place your hook between the first and second stitch front he back, You're going to take your yarn that's folded, you're going to pull it through your fabric, and then what you're going to do is wrap the yarn around the hook, and through the loop, and you're going to give it a little tug.

Fold them in half, we're going to take our hook, were going to skip a space maybe two spaces, we're going to place our hook through the back again, between the stitches, we're going to take our yarn and put it on the hook. Were going to bring the hook through the fabric to the back. Now we have a loop on the hook and we're just going to yarn over, and pull it through, and complete it. And that's our second fringe. When you're done all the way across, you're going to even it out. So you're going to cut it along this line here to make it even. Almost like a barber cuts hair.

And that's how you add fringe to a scarf. Thanks for watching, to learn more please visit 

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