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Video:How to Crochet: 5 Tips for Starting to Crochet

with Lucille

Starting to crochet can be daunting, but it can be easy if you follow a few simple steps. Watch this video for five great tips for starting to crochet.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Crochet: 5 Tips for Starting to Crochet

Hi my name is Lucille. I'm here today with to demonstrate five tips to start crocheting.

Get Comfortable When Starting to Crochet

The first one being great lighting, because if you can't see what you're doing, you're going to be disinterested. The second thing is, so that you can be comfortable, you need a great chair or sofa, preferably a chair that you can put a pillow behind, by the window.

Hold Yarn Properly When Starting to Crochet

The next thing would be how to hold your hook and your yarn. Some people hold their hook like a pencil, which is very comfortable because it gives you flexibility to your wrist. Other people like to overhand the hook because again it gives you flexibility. What I like to do is, when I'm tired with one, I go to the other.

Choose the Right Yarn When Starting to Crochet

As you learn to crochet you will need different yarns and there are various types and weights. A sport yarn is a three-ply yarn and if you unravel it you'll see that it has three strands. There's what they call a DK yarn -- that's not quite a Wooster-weight yarn and it's not quite a sport-weight yarn, comes again in various shades, various materials and again when you unravel it you'll see three strands. Next we go to a bulky yarn, which is usually maybe two strands or one. But it works up a little bit thicker, a little bit heavier, so if you want to get through something very quickly, you can use this.

Choose the Right Hooks When Starting to Crochet

The next thing would be the tools that you're going to work with, such as these, your crochet hooks. And as you can see they come in different sizes. You can use aluminum hooks, which they use for thin yarn like doilies. The aluminum hooks go from size B, which are the smaller hooks, into the other size hooks like E and F, G, H and then we have giant size hooks for bulky yarn. And of course you'll want to house your things in some place so they will all be in one spot when you go to work, to keep them safe so they're not damaged. And you're prepared to go to any yarn store, buy yarn and start to work.

Thank you for watching. And to learn more, join us at

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