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Video:Crochet an Easy Baby Afghan Square

with Lauren Lamoreaux

Crochet a baby afghan square with these step-by-step instructions. Watch this video from for a visual guide on how to crochet an easy baby afghan square.See Transcript

Transcript:Crochet an Easy Baby Afghan Square

Hi, my name is Lauren Lamoreaux, owner of Comfy Cozy Designs and today we are going to talk about how to make a baby afghan square.

Ok, so what we need to get started is a size-H crochet hook, a yarn needle, a pair of scissors and of course your yarn. We’re using a 4-ply worsted weight yarn. 

Crochet the First Round of the Afghan

So, first we’re going to chain six and form that into a ring, here. This is going to be the base. First round, we’re going to chain through that. That’ll start as a our double crochet. I'm going to throw in another double crochet on there. And then, you’re going to chain 2. And we’re going to do 3 double-crochets, chain 2, all the way around until we get to that last 2 double crochets. We’ll throw one more in there. And that will be our third double crochet in that first set. 

Crochet Round 2 and 3 of the Afghan

Ok, round 2, we’re gonna chain 3 and that’ll be our first double crochet and double crochet into this next double crochet. Ok, so we’re starting round 3; it’s very similar to round 2. We’re going to chain 3 and then we’re going to double crochet into the next double crochet and then we’re just going to go around. Same thing. We’re going to double crochet around. We’re going to get to that corner, chain 1, double crochet, chain 1, double crochet and then back around. 

Crochet Round 4 and 5 of the Afghan

Ok, so I’m on round 4 now. I’ve crocheted, I’ve done 3 chains and then 3 double crochets in the next crochets. I’m at the corner. So, we’re gonna start there. You’ll double crochet in the chain’s base, chain 1 and in the middle, double-crochet, which is the corner. You’ll want to double-crochet, chain 1 and then double-crochet in that same stitch.

We’re on the fifth round now, this is going to be our final round. We’re going to start on a corner. We’re gonna double-crochet in the first chain’s base of that corner. And we’re going to chain, and then double-crochet, just like round 4. Chain 1 and double-crochet in that corner stitch. So we’ll go all the way across. Do the next corner. And I’m almost all the way to the end, so I’ll just finish it up and we’ll just weave in our ends and we’ll be done. 

To finish up, we’re just gonna weave in the end here, so no one can see where we’ve been. And then, you’ll snip off the excess. And for more information about crocheting, please visit 

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