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Video:Crochet a Striped Lace Baby Afghan

with Mrs. V

A striped lacey baby afghan is a cute DIY gift for any new mom. Get a tutorial on how to crochet a striped lacey baby afghan in this video from Transcript

Transcript:Crochet a Striped Lace Baby Afghan

Hi, I'm Mrs. V with MrsVCrochet. I'm here today with to show you how to make a striped baby lacey afghan.

How to Start a Striped Baby Lacey Afghan

The items that you're going to need are: some 4 ply yarn, the color of your choice and your second color, a crochet hook, a pair of scissors and a tapestry needle.

To begin your afghan you're going to make a slip knot. You're going to need 100 chain stitches to make your baby afghan.

You wrap the yarn around the back of the hook and pull it through. For the first V stitch you're going to skip over the first four stitches. Yarn over, insert the hook in the fifth one. Draw up a loop. Take off two. Then take off two.  Chain stitch and then do another double crochet in the very same stitch to create your V stitch. Skip the next stitch and V stitch. Once you've went all the way across your chain stitch with your V stitches on the very last stitch you're going to put a double crochet.

How to Crochet a Striped Afghan

Next, you'll chain three and you're going to turn your work over.

Once you've completed four rows of the V stitch, then you're going to add your second color. Then do your slip knot and you will pull it through a chain. Then you're going to chain three and pull the previous color, take that stitch and pull it tight. 

Now, we're going to continue with our V stitch. You're going to continue with the secondary color until you've reached four rows of each color.

How to Make Edging for a Baby Afghan

Now, I'm going to show you to make the edging for your baby blanket. We're going to chain one, turn the work and we're going to do a single crochet around all four sides. When we come to the corner, we're going to put two single crochets in the corner.

Once you've single crocheted all the way around you're going to slip stitch in then next single crochet and chain three. Then you're going to V stitch in the next single crochet. You're going to skip two single crochets and V stitch in the third. Continue with the V stitch all the way down the next side. 

Once you've competed your second row of V stitches, you're going to slip stitch in the chain three from the previous round. You're going to do a single crochet in the center of the next V stitch. You're going to chain three and you're going to slip stitch in the third chain from the hook and that is your first pecot.

We slip stitch in between the two V stitches and single crochet in the next. Chain three to make your pecot.

How to Finish a Baby Afghan

Once you've gone around your entire blanket with the pecot stitch you're going to slip stitch in that first single crochet for the pecot. You're going to cut your string and pull it on through. Next, we're going to put the edging, the piping, around the outside of the blanket.

We're going to change our hook size to an F. insert the hook in single crochet that you made the first round of the edging. You're going to make a slip stitch. Continue slip stitching around this last corner and then you'll cut grain.

Then, were are going to use a darning needle to weave in the ends and that will help from pulling out later on.

Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at


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