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Video:Crochet a Lacy Baby Afghan

with Mrs. V

A crochet lace baby afghan is a great DIY gift to give to any new mom, or make for your own baby. Get a tutorial on how to crochet a lacey baby afghan in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:Crochet a Lacy Baby Afghan

Hi, my name is Mrs. V. You can visit me at Today, I'm here with and I'm going to be teaching you how to make a lacey baby afghan.

Materials to Crochet a Lace Baby Afghan

The items that you are going to need to make your afghan are: some 4 ply yarn in the color of your choice, a crochet hook, I'm using an I hook, some ribbon for the ends, a pair of scissors, a tapestry needle and some fray check.

How to Start a Crocheted Lace Baby Afghan

To begin your afghan you're going to make a slip knot. You're going to take your yarn and double it over. You're going to wrap it around the back and push it through the front. You put your hook in there and you pull it tight. You're going to need 100 hundred chain stitches to make your baby afghan. To make a chain stitch you wrap the yarn around the back of the hook and pull it through. 

For the first V stitch, you're going to skip over the four stitches. Yarn over. Insert the hook in the fifth one. Draw up a loop. Take off two. Then take off two. Chain stitch and then do another double crochet in the very same stitch to create your V stitch. Skip the next stitch, and V stitch.

Once you've went all the way across your chain stitch with your V stitches on the very last stitch you're going to put a double crochet.

How to Crochet a Lace Baby Afghan

Next, you'll chain three, and you're going to turn your work over. You're going to put a V stitch in the top of this V stitch. So yarn over. Insert the hook. Take off two. Take off two more. That's a double crochet. You're going to do a chain, and another double crochet. 

We're going to make a single crochet row around the entire work. Insert the hook. Pull up the yarn. You'll have two on the hook, and take them both off. For every corner, you're going to add two stitches so that it has a nice turn. 

When you get back around to your first single crochet, you're going to do a slip stitch. You put the needle in the top of the slip stitch, yarn over, and pull it through both. 

Making a Pecot for the Edging

The next step on the edging is a pecot. For a pecot, you're going to do chain two.  You're going to insert your hook in that first chain and then you're going to slip stitch. Pull the yarn through both loops. You're going to skip the next chain stitch, and slip stitch in the single crochet.

Once you've completed the pecots all the way around your work, you're going to slip stitch in the first single crochet. You're going to have one loop on your hook, and you're just going to pull it through.

In order to finish your work, you're just going to run this loose piece of yarn through the back of your work. Split the stitches with the tapestry needle as you pull it through.

To finish your baby lace afghan, we're going to run ribbon through the edges. You're going to leave long enough pieces at the ends so you can tie ribbons. You're going to put a drop of fray check on every edge and put a generous amount right here on your knot.

Thanks for watching, and to learn more, visit us on the web at 

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