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Video:Crochet Chain Stitch

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Making a foundation chain is the first step in any crochet project. Learn the basics for creating a crochet chain stitch to make your quilting project a reality.See Transcript

Transcript:Crochet Chain Stitch

Today we'll be going over how to start a chain stitch and how to vary the stitch depending on the project you are working on.   

Getting Started

Making a foundation chain is the first step in any crochet project.  You will need yarn and a crochet hook to begin.

First tie a slip knot.  Loop the yarn, reach through the loop and grab the yarn, and pull through.  Leave about six inches on the end.  Put your crochet hook through the loop, and tighten the slip knot.   Yarn over.  Slide the yarn into the throat of the hook, and rotate the hook so it is facing the slipknot.   Then, pull the wrapped yarn through the loop on your hook.  This will complete your first chain stitch.  

Repeat the Process

Repeat the process for as many stitches as the project you are starting calls for.   In the end, your chain stitch should look like stacked V's.   It is important to maintain the same tension when making the chain stitches so they are the same size.  Too much tension and the stitches will get smaller, too little tension and the stitches will become too big and too loose.  

Count Your Stitches

Also, make sure you count your stitches.  Counting your stitches is very important in crocheting, in this example, I have made a 21 stitch chain.

Depending on your project, you can then make a single crochet, which is the most basic crochet stitch, a double crochet, which is wider and adds more height, or a slip stitch, which adds no height and is used to finish off the edges of a piece of work.

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