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Video:Signs of Psychopathic Behavior

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Psychopathic behavior might be tougher to identify than one might assume, but there are still signs. Here's a video describing a couple signs of psychopathic behavior.See Transcript

Transcript:Signs of Psychopathic Behavior

Psychopathic behavior can be very tricky to identify - adapting their personalities to fit their environment is a common trait among psychopaths. While no one wants to think they are living with Hannibal Lecter or Ted Bundy, there are some signs to look for that might indicate your friend or neighbor is exhibiting some psychopathic behavior.

Psychopathic Behavior Includes Superficial Charm

There is quite a list of character traits to look out for, and some of these, on their own, may not be signs of a psychopath, but in combination could spell danger. The behaviors include superficial charm, absence of delusions and related irrational thinking patterns, unreliability, regular lies and high levels of insincerity and lack of remorse or shame. Despite being charming, they may also appear to be cocky and self-centered. Psychopaths can use their charm to manipulate others into doing things that they may not want to do. They tend to be really good at it because they believe what they are doing is fine or simply do not care that society views their behavior as wrong.

Antisocial Psychopathic Behavior

Other traits include antisocial behavior, poor judgment and failure to learn from their experiences in life, an inability to love, failure to have goals and objectives, and unresponsiveness in regards to interpersonal relations with colleagues, neighbors, classmates or people in general. Tied to these behaviors is a high level of impulsiveness since psychopaths are not necessarily concerned with consequences or hurting others. So, they may also be viewed as callous, predatory and selfish. These signs may have often appeared at a younger age and set the precedent for criminal activity and a socially detached lifestyle.

Psychopathic Behavior May Be Difficulr to Spot

While many of these signs seem like they would make it fairly easy to spot the psychopath, the troublesome aspect to this type of disorder is that it can be difficult to identify. Psychopaths are somewhat like chameleons in the way they adapt their personalities and hide their true personality. They may even lead what seems like an ordinary life with jobs and relationships. However, their life is often like a personal hurricane with sporadic bouts of chaos, rage, and violence.

Don't Rush to Judgment

While these signs are intended to help, it's important to not jump to conclusions and simply label someone you know as a psychopath. It's not just their behavior that's in question; it's their life pattern as well as other factors. If you do seriously suspect someone, then it's best to seek out an expert opinion from a mental health professional so that the person you suspect may be able to get treatment, and allow you to make a more informed decision about relating to someone you know.

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