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Video:Profile of the Elizabeth Smart Case

with Dr. Charles Heller

Want to learn about the Elizabeth Smart case and what happened to this young girl? Here, see information about the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart.See Transcript

Transcript:Profile of the Elizabeth Smart Case

Hello. I'm Dr. Charles Heller, a clinical and forensic psychologist, here for About.com. I'm going to tell you about the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart.

Background on the Elizabeth Smart Case

Elizabeth Smart was a fourteen year old tanager who was sleeping in her bed. In June 2002 she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a man named Brian David Mithcell. Mitchell was born in 1953 in Salt Lake City. Utah. He's the third of six children, born into a strict household of mainstream Mormons. He was arrested for exposing himself, as a teenager, to an under age child and sent to a juvenile detention center. He was married three tims. And, apparently, he performed a parental child abduction on his two children from the first marriage.

Facts About the Elizabeth Smart Case

He remained an active member of The Church of The Latter Day Saints. But, there were allegations that he molested one of his step daughters. His second wife reported that he became very controlling. He married his third wife, who was his accomplice, Wanda Barzee. And they evolved something into their own religion.He changed his name to Emanuael, which means the chosen one. He wrote that he would marry eventually three hundred and fifty time, according to a revelation that he had. Well, eventually he was ex communicated from the church of Latter Day Saints. He eventually became a street preacher, begging for money.

More Facts About the Elizabeth Smart Case

Elizabeth was a fourteen year old Mormon girl. And he had a revelation that he should kidnap young Mormon women who would eventually become his wife. She was abducted for nine months. She testified in October 2009, that she was threatened by him, tied and raped, daily. On March 12, 2003, just after over nine months of the abduction - Mitchell who was now wanted by the police for questioning was spotted traveling with two companions in Sandy, Utah. They found out that one of the companions was Elizabeth Smart. Mitchell and Barzee were taken into custody as suspected kidnappers.

Additional Facts About the Elizabeth Smart Case

Well, Mitchell has three competency hearings he use the insanity defense, and he spent six years inside a psychiatric hospital in custody. A psychiatrist found Mitchell competent to stand trial. After he was convicted for the kidnapping and related offenses, Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison.It was eventually discovered at trial that Mitchell had a history of pedophilia. He had actually stalked other teenage girls prior to and after the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart.

In the aftermath, Elizabeth Smart did make an almost complete recovery and is doing quite well today. She recently became a commentator for ABC News and she also started something very special. The Elizabeth Smart Foundation.

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