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Video:Profile of Ted Bundy

with Dr. Charles Heller

Want to learn about Ted Bundy and his criminal profile? Here, see fascinating information about Ted Bundy's life.See Transcript

Transcript:Profile of Ted Bundy

Hello. I'm Dr. Charles Heller, a clinical and forensic psychologist. Here for About.com.I'm going to tell you about the criminal profile of Ted Bundy.

Information About Ted Bundy

Theodore Bundy was born in November, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont, to an unwed mother and he was raised by his grandparents in Philadelphia. His grandfather was reported to be violent. Ted discovered pornography at about that time and became obsessed with it. He was a loner. He was quite handsome and charismatic.

Ted Bundy Facts

Actually, in 1968, he managed Nelson Rockefeller's presidential campaign office in Seattle. And, he also worked at a suicide prevention hotline as a psych major while at The University of Washington. He also started Law School.And, the killings started in the pacific northwest. Female college students were disappearing at the rate of one per month. He also had victims in Colorado and Utah and Idaho.

Additional Ted Bundy Facts

Ted Bundy, sometime, walked around with crutches or his arm in a sling, to look like he was handicapped or disabled. To get empathy and sympathy from young women so that they could help him to his car. He would kidnap them and they wouldn't be seen a live again. He actually escaped twice from different jails. And, the second time he escaped first to Chicago and then he traveled to Florida, where he killed several young girls in a sorority house in Tallahassee. And these killings were quite gruesome. Most of his victims has their skulls bashed in, he took pieces of flesh out of them, he bit some of them.

More on Ted Bundy

He was found guilty and was given three death sentences in two separate trials for three people he killed in Florida. And he was electrocuted in the electric chair in January of 1989. Ted Bundy had numerous psychiatric and psychological examinations. The history is that he loved to steal. And, most of the things he accumulated in his life were stolen. Theft and taking other people possessions was a prime interest of his since he was a young child. Possessing other people is also part of that compulsion to steal. And, raping people is also part of that compulsion, because you in some way posses the victim. And the ultimate possession of the victim is to take their life. And, in some way, their life becomes intertwined with yours.

He was quite ill. He was mentally ill. But, he looked very normal, very attractive. And, he was very seductive.

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