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Video:Tips for Baking Bread for Two

with Jacob Taxis

If you're cooking for two, there's no need to bake an entire loaf of bread. This video from will show you how to bake small loaves of bread for two people.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Baking Bread for Two

Hi, I'm Jacob Taxis for In this video, you will receive tips for baking bread for two.

Use Mini-Loaf Pans for Smaller Bread

There are a variety of easy options available for baking bread for two. If you're interested in making one small loaf that can be shared between two people, there are numerous mini-loaf pans on the market that can make a perfect loaf for two.

Freeze Mini-Loaves of Bread to Save Them

Because bread freezes so nicely, a simple option is to follow a complete bread recipe without downsizing the ingredients. Then, simply divide the dough up into smaller loaves, placing each in its own mini-loaf pan. After baking all of them, serve one of the mini-loaves for two.

Freeze the other loaves by sealing them in freezer bags or wrapping them completely in heavy-duty aluminum foil, remembering to label each loaf with the date.

Serving Croissants for Two

This is also a great option if you'd like to serve croissants for two. First, after baking a full batch of croissants, allow them to cool. Place the croissants on a flat surface and place them in the freezer for two hours.

When firm, remove them and wrap each croissant in aluminum foil. Place the croissants in a ziplock bag and keep in the freezer for up to four weeks.

Then, whenever you want to serve croissants for two, take a couple from the freezer and warm them in the oven for five minutes at 325 degrees.

Downsizing Bread Recipes

If you'd like to make fewer croissants or a smaller loaf without having to freeze the others, simply downsize your bread recipe.

Almost any bread recipe can be downsized for two people. If you're using a recipe that will make a standard size loaf, divide each ingredient amount by four.  For example, if a French bread recipe calls for 6 cups of flour, reduce the amount to 1 1/2 cups. Be sure to consistently reduce each ingredient and bake the dough in a smaller bread pan. 

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