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Video:How to Use a Food Processor

with Danelle Drury Bavel

A food processor can do the job of several knives with the push of a button. Watch this video to learn exactly what a food processor can be used for.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use a Food Processor

Hello, my name is Danelle Drury for  Today I am going to talk to you about how to use your food processor.

Assembling the Food Processor

A food processor can be one of the best multitasking devices in our kitchen. 

If you have never used your food processor before, make sure you read the manual first.  Each model is a little bit different, and needs to be properly assembled.  Some of them have specific cleaning instructions, and special features that you may miss if you don't read the directions.

Once your food processor is set up. Take a look at the different blades and attachments that it comes with.  Each one is used for a specific job, becoming familiar with these will make your job easier.  Before starting any job make sure your machine is clean and in good repair.

Food Processor Modes and Uses

Let me show you how to chop a potato in my food processor for a quick demonstration.  First take a peeled zucchini and chop it into one inch pieces.  Place the metal blade in your work bowl and then put in the zucchini.  Never overload your food processor.  Put on the cover and press down the pusher assembly to lock it in place.  Never remove the lid or push down food with your hand or spatula while the blade is still spinning.

Press the the pulse button and then let the pieces drop back into the path of the blade.  Do this several times check the work bowl as you work to get the texture you desire.  For a chunkier texture a few pulses may be enough.  You will need to do more if you require a finer chop.  Be especially careful with apples, onions and any fruit or vegetable with a high water content.  Always unplug your machine when you are finished using it.

There are many other things you can do with a high quality food processor.   You can use the metal blade we just demonstrated to chop meat, fruits, vegetables, cheese, chop nuts, make sauces, purées, mayonnaise, frosting, and even mix cake batter.  The shredding disc will shred cheese and and grate vegetables potatoes.  Your dough blade mixes and kneads breads and other pastries.  A standard slicing disc will make attractive slices of whose fruits and vegetables, for smaller slices of smaller vegetables use your thin slicing disc.

As you can see a food processor does more than just chop food.  Thank you for watching, and for more information on using you food processor check us out on the web at

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