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Video:Top Terrarium Plants

with Jacob Taxis

There are countless beautiful plants that can thrive in terrariums. This video from will list just a few of the best plants to consider putting in your terrarium.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Terrarium Plants

Hi, I'm Jacob Taxis for In this video you will learn about top terrarium plants.

Terrarium Plants: Peperomia

One excellent plant for terrariums is the Peperomia. Peperomias prefer low, indirect light conditions and do particularly well in moist environments. With hundreds of various cultivars available, Peperomias only grow to approximately six inches in height—making it an ideal plant for a terrarium space.

With that said, Peperomia do spread very quickly and must therefore be trimmed regularly. Without proper trimming, Peperomia can easily take over a terrarium.

Terrarium Plants: Nerve Plant

Another great plant for terrariums is the Nerve plant. Nerve plants can grow to approximately 12 inches and need low, indirect sunlight to flourish. Because they thrive in high humidity conditions and love moist soil, Nerve plants are exceptionally adept at terrarium living.

They do not, however, do well in dry habitats; therefore, if pairing them, make sure their partner plants also like high humidity.

Terrarium Plants: Prayer Plant

Another wonderful choice for a terrarium is the Prayer plant. Prayer plants enjoy bright, indirect sunlight and flourish in moist soil. It's best to keep the air around these plants humid and the soil quite loose. With shallow roots and stunning leaf patterns, Prayer plants make for perfect terrarium residents.

One drawback, however, is pests. Prayer plants often attract small insects. Always inspect Prayer plants for signs of pests before purchasing.

Three additional plants you may want to consider for your terrarium are Strawberry Begonias, Button Fern, and Polka Dot plants.

When starting a terrarium, it's important to be aware of your plants needs. Only pair together plants that have similar requirements for sunlight & humidity.

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