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Video:How to Plant a Window Box

with Kerry Michaels

A window box can be an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your house. See how to plant a beautiful window box that requires only a bit of ongoing care.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Plant a Window Box

Hi, I’m Kerry Michaels for and I love window boxes. You can really change the look of your home by putting up some window boxes and they can be incredibly simple to do. Today, I’m going to show you one that is very easy but the sky is the limit, they can be as complicated as simple as you want and they still look great.

Window Boxes and Sunlight

The most important thing about a window box is how much sun it gets. Now you can go out there with a timer, you can even get a sun calculator, but you really want to know because that will determine the plants you choose.

Now you can make a beautiful window box even if it’s in total shade.

Pick a Spot Close to Water

You also, want to make sure when you’re thinking about a window box, that you want to put it somewhere where you can water it. And water it easily, because it is going to take a fair amount of water.

This is a self-watering window box, which is really a great thing.

Window Box Supplies

So here’s what you need. You need some fertilizer. I like this organic all purpose fertilizer. Potting soil, again, I use an organic potting soil.

So I’ve chosen to use this coral bells. Which I just love them. They’re practically indestructible, and the can go from sun to shade, and they’re just great. They’re also nice because they will drape over the side a bit . And then for the middle plant, I’m going to use this million bells, another terrific plant, it will flower all summer, right up until the frost.

Add Soil and Fertilizer to Window Box

First thing I’m going to do is put some potting soil in the bottom of the window box. Then I’m going to mix in some fertilizer. I like using organic fertilizer that way you can be very flexible about how much you use.

Break Up Roots and Plant

Then I’m going to take my first plant and take it out of its pot. I’m going to thread my fingers through it, you don’t want to just pull it out. This one isn’t too root bound, but I’m just going to pull apart the roots a little bit. And then I’m going to put it in the window box. Then I’m going to take my other plant and put it in the middle. Then my third.

And you want to make sure you fill in all the holes between the root balls of your plants because if you have air pockets, the roots will dry out and your plant won’t be very happy about that. When you’re putting in potting soil in between your plants, it’s really important to make sure you only put the potting soil up to here, you’re much better off having it below than touching the crown of the plant.

Water Window Box Regularly

To maintain your window box, you’re going to want to feed it and keep it well watered – not wet, but moist.

So here you have a really simple and beautiful window box. I’m Kerry Michaels for Thanks for watching.
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