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Video:Herb Garden in a Bag

with Kerry Michaels

You can make a container garden in almost anything, even common bags lying around the house. Watch how to make an easy and green herb garden in a reusable grocery bag.See Transcript

Transcript:Herb Garden in a Bag

Hi. I'm Kerry Michaels for About.com, and today I'm going to show you how to make an herb garden in a reusable grocery bag. You can really make a container garden in almost anything, but these are kind of cool because they're very lightweight, they're inexpensive and they look great. Just make sure that it's one of the plastic ones, not one of the canvas ones.

Container Herb Garden Bag Supplies

And one of the first things you need when you make an herb garden is sun, because almost every herb needs full sun which is six hours a day.

You're going to need a good quality potting soil. You're also going to need some slow release fertilizer. You need a yogurt container, or a shovel. And then you're going to put holes in the bottom of your bag for drainage.

So you're going to need some barrier to put over the holes to keep the soil in and let the water out. I like using plastic window screening.

Choose Herbs for the Bag

And herbs. You're going to need herbs. Choose what you like to eat, what you like to cook with. Tarragon is great, rosemary, basil. I don't use a lot of sage in cooking, but I think it's really beautiful so I often put it in an herb container garden.

Prepare the Garden Bag Container

The first thing you're going to want to do is to put holes in the bottom of your bag. I just cut two slices and then you get a nice big hole. And I'm even going to put some in the side of the bag just to make sure you have some good drainage going on.

The next thing you're going to want to do is to get your barrier, and again you can use newspaper, coffee filters, paper towel, really anything that will keep the potting soil in, cover your holes and let the water out. I'm going to cut it out a little bit bigger than the bag, but it's totally inexact, it doesn't really matter. You just want to make sure you've covered your holes.

So I'm going to take my piece of screening and I'm going to put it inside the bag. So now I'm ready to fill up my bag.

Fill the Bag Container With Dirt

I'm going to take my yogurt container, you can use a shovel, you can use your hands, whatever is easiest for you. And I'm going to start filling the bag, making sure that the potting soil lands on top of the screening. Then you're going to add some fertilizer. You want to mix it all the way to the bottom of your bag. Add Herbs to the Bag Container GardenSo I'm going to start with some thyme. I love the way it smells. And the thyme is a draping plant so I'm going to put it in the front of the bag.

And here's a good example of a root bound plant. And you want to be careful when you're taking a plant out of a pot. You don't want to just pull it out by the plant, because you can break the plant. What I usually do is thread my fingers through it and give the pot a little squeeze and it usually comes right out.

If you leave the plant like this, the roots will just keep growing in a circular pattern and it will eventually strangle the plant. So you want to free the roots. And you know, some people rub it, I'm a little more intense about it, I just kind of break up the roots. The basil is going to be pretty tall, so I want to put that at the back of the bag.

This is also more of a drapey kind of plant so I'm going to put it on the side of the bag, and I don't like where it's sitting, because it's shorter than the other plants, so I'm going to add some potting soil so it sits up at the right level.

Finish the Herb Garden Bag

You want to fill up all those spaces between the plants with soil and around the plants. When you're done with your with your herb garden and it's arranged how you want it, you're going to water it and you really want to give it a deep watering, til the water comes out the holes in the bottom. So there you have your herb garden in a reusable grocery bag. Thanks for watching. I'm Kerry Michaels for About.com.

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