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Video:Grow Potatoes in Containers

with Kerry Michaels

Growing potatoes in containers is easier than you might think, find out how to get started.See Transcript

Transcript:Grow Potatoes in Containers

Hi, I’m Kerry Michaels for and I love growing potatoes in containers. It’s really easy, it’s a great project to do with kids and potatoes are like tomatoes because they taste incredible when you have them fresh, right out of the ground – they’re really amazing.

Supplies Needed to Grow Potatoes in Containers

You don’t need much to grow potatoes, you need a big container, I love these Smart Pots - the bigger your pot the better. You can grow in a reusable grocery bag – this is a plastic re-usable grocery bag that works fantastically well. I grow everything in them.

Certified seed potatoes have been documented that they’re disease and pest free, which is really important because we’ve had so many blights.

Now you can grow some potatoes that you would just buy in a grocery store, but many grocery store potatoes have been sprayed or treated so that they won’t sprout, so then you won’t have any potatoes.

You need some fertilizer, I use a kelp meal or a slow-release all-purpose fertilizer. Then during the growing season I’ll use a combination of seaweed and fish emulsion, it’s a liquid fertilizer, I dilute it and pour it on the leaves of the potatoes and on the soil. I’ll do that every couple of weeks during the growing season.

  • Good quality potting soil
  • Large container with good drainage
  • Fertilizer
  • Seed Potatoes
  • Full Sun – 6- 8 Hours a day

Prepare Pot and Plant Potatoes

The first thing I’m going to do is fill my pot up with four to six inches of potting soil. Then I’m going to put some kelp meal in and mix it around.

Then you want a potato – That’s around 1 and 1/2 to 2 ounces, which is about egg size. I’m going to cut this one making sure to have two eyes in each piece. And then I’m going to plant them so the eyes are up. I’m just going to rest them on top of the soil. Then I’m going to fill it up with another couple of inches of potting soil also mixed with the fertilizer. And then I’m going to put it on top of the potatoes. You want your potatoes completely covered by a couple of inches.

Water the Potatoes

Now you want to water your potatoes – you want to give them a really good watering until the water goes out the bottom of your pot. You want to keep your potatoes moist, but not wet.

Add Soil as Potatoes Grow

These are potatoes I planted a week or ten days ago and they grow incredibly fast. And what you’re going to do is add soil as the potatoes grow. Wait until the potatoes are about six inches tall you’re going to want to add the soil so the top leaves stick out at least by a good couple of inches.

The other thing to do is you can see these are kind of starting to die back and there’s some insect damage, but when these yellow and die back completely, the potatoes will be ready for harvest.

And really, anyone can do it, it’s really fun, it’s a great project to do with kids. So have fun growing your potatoes. I’m Kerry Michaels with Thanks for watching.
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