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Video:DIY Bamboo Tomato Plant Cage

with Kerry Michaels

If your container tomato plant needs a little propping up, then this simple bamboo construction will do the trick. See how to make an easy tomato cage.See Transcript

Transcript:DIY Bamboo Tomato Plant Cage

Hi, I'm Kerry Michaels for and today I'm going to show you how to make your own tomato cage. And I'm going to rescue this tomato by propping it up with a bamboo tomato cage.

Tomato Plant Bamboo Cage Supplies

And this is a very tall tomato variety so I'm going to use the tall bamboo for the upright stakes. You need a sharp scissor and then I start with a rubber band, and I also have some twist ties.

Stake the Bamboo Cage

Ok. So let's get started. We're going to take the first piece of bamboo and put it into the container – all the way to the bottom, next to the stem of the plant.

Now normally I would stake this tomato a little earlier, but it's fine to do it when it starts to bend. So now it's a little bit propped up. And then I'm going to take four more pieces of bamboo. This will work for any container – round, square, it doesn't matter. You want to put it all the way down into the bottom of the container.

Secure the Tomato Cage

Then you're going to gather them all up like this, so it forms kind of a teepee. And then you're going to take your rubber band and slip it over the top, and you want it really tight and secure. Just wrap it around the last one.

Add Cross-Pieces

You're going to make some cross pieces. It's pretty sturdy now, but this tomato is going to grow huge and it's going to have heavy tomatoes on it, so I want to give it some more stability and places so that it won't fall out of the cage.

So I'm going to take I happen to have some smaller bamboo and this is the hard part because it's pretty hard to get started on this. But I'm just going to measure it. I'm going to let it extend a bit. And then this bamboo is thin enough so that I can just break it – it breaks really easily.

Secure the Bamboo

Put a piece of the twine. I'm just going to wrap it around really tightly, and it sort of makes a little shelf for your bamboo to sit on, so you can get started. Then I'm going to take the bamboo, and I'm kind of going to hold it and wrap around it.

So again, you want to take piece of your twine and I kind of use this, go over, around the back, over around the back. And keep doing that until it feels secure.

So now you want to put on your second tie and this one is a little easier, because you can rest the bamboo right on top of this one. And you're going to measure it. You want it somewhat symmetrical, but it doesn't really matter.

So then I'm going to go over and around. This really makes it pretty secure. Then I'm going to go and do this all the way around and build up a number of levels I'll see - I'll sort of eyeball it.

And this is it. It's pretty stable. So you have a great way to keep your tomato plants sturdy, and it looks kind of cool too. I'm Kerry Michaels for Thanks for watching.
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