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Video:Set Up a Network Router

with Don Schechter

Find out how to properly set up a network router and you'll be surfing the web in no time.See Transcript

Transcript:Set Up a Network Router

What You Need to Set Up a Network Router

First, you'll need a router, either wired or wireless, network adapters installed on all devices to be connected to the router, and a web browser installed on at least one computer within the network.

Connect the Router to a Computer

Plug in the routers electrical power source and turn the router on. If you have a modem to connect to the internet with either an Ethernet or USB connection cable, connect it to your router. After connecting the cable be sure to turn the modem off and back on to ensure the router recognizes it.

Now connect one computer to the router. Even if your router is wireless, connect this first computer to the router via a network cable. Using a cable during router installation allows maximum reliability of the equipment. Once your router is installed you can change the computer over to a wireless connection.

Configure the Router

Next, open the web browser of the computer that is connected to the router. Enter the routers address for network administration in the web address field and hit return to reach the routers home page. If you are unsure of your router's web address check the documentation that came with it. You do not need a working internet connection for this step.

The routers home page will ask you for a user name and password. Both should be in the routers documentation.

Connect the Router to the Internet

If you want your router to connect to the internet, you must enter internet connection information into that section of the router's configuration. You will have to enter the static IP fields including network mask and gateway. These numbers should also be provided by the documentation.

If you are installing a wireless router, change the network name also known as the SSID.

Confirm that You're Properly Connected

Verify the network connection is working between your computer and the router. To do this you must be confirmed that the computer has received IP address information from the router.

Now verify that your computer can connect to the internet properly. You can now connect additional computers to the router. If you're connecting wirelessly, make sure the network name or SSID of each computer matches that of the router.

It is a good idea to configure additional network security features to guard your system against internet threats.
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