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Video:How to Set Up a Small Office Network

with Mark Sasson

Setting up a small office network is easy, but you'll need a router to serve all of the machines connected to the network. Watch this video to learn how-to do the set up on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Up a Small Office Network

Hi, I'm Mark Sasson with, and I'm here today for to talk to you about how to set up a basic office network.

What Is a Small Office Netork?

A basic office network typically consists of a router, which is either a wired or a wireless router. The router is the device that lets different computer equipment communicate together, and an internet modem, because when you need to get access to the internet, or the outside world, also known as the gateway, you're going to need to sign up with an ISP, otherwise known as an Internet Service Provider, to have access to the internet. 

What's in a Small Office Network?

In a small basic business network, typically you'll have let's say 4 or 5 computers and they'll be sharing data. So the router will be the piece that allows the computer equipment to communicate together and the internet, which is wired into the router, is going to let all of that computer equipment share the broadband connection, which is its gateway to the outside world. 

Reasons When an Office Network Is Helpful

A lot of times you'll have a boss and an assistant, and they want to use let's say the same My Documents folder, instead of worrying about what's here and what's there. So in a typical basic office network we would let's say on the bosses computer we would share the My Documents, and on her assistant's computer we would put a shortcut to that folder so when her assistant let's say saves a new document called test into her My Documents folder now both people will have access to the same document, as opposed to worrying about let me put this on a flash stick here or let me burn a CD for you. 

Setting Up the Small Office Network

So in the typical basic office network that's what you're usually going to see  - no server, a few computers, and usually there is one machine that is acting as a so-called server, sharing the files so that other computers can use them.  So the difference between home networks and basic office networks – truly they are pretty much the same. 

The major differences you're going to see are in home networks you're going to have families that have devices such as iPads, Xboxes, Blu-Ray players with Netflix, certain TVs that have Wi-Fi capabilities, and in businesses, the people aren't going to need those devices. So we're talking about the same principles, it's just at home people are going to want more of the occasional movie devices and business people are there to work, but the fundamentals are the same. Again, thanks for watching.

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