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Video:How to Set Up a Hotspot Network

with Jon Acosta

It's really easy to set up your laptop as a hotspot network. This video will show you how to turn your Mac into a hotspot.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Up a Hotspot Network

Hi, my name is Jon Acosta for, and today I'm going to show you how to set up a wireless hotspot from your Mac computer.

If you've ever been somewhere like a hotel, an office, or another place of business that offers internet access but it's not wireless, this little trick will help you turn your Mac's internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can access the internet through your mobile devices like a tablet or a smartphone.

What You Need to Set Up a Hotspot Network

Setting up a public hotspot also allows you to create an entirely separate network name and password for people that visit your home or place of business and want to log onto the internet.

To set up this hotspot network, you'll need a Mac computer, an ethernet cable, and access to your home or office's network router.

Getting Started

First, connect your mac computer to your router using the ethernet cable. This will allow a direct and secure connection to your router for sharing the internet wirelessly.

Next, jump onto your Mac and navigate your mouse to the top left corner of your screen where the Apple logo is displayed.

Click on the Apple icon and in the drop down menu, click on "System Preferences". When the menu pops up, click on the "Sharing" icon located under the "Internet & Wireless" section.

Hotspot Network Options

On the left side, you'll see a list of services that you can share directly from your Mac. Navigate down to the "Internet Sharing" option and click on the text. To the right, you'll see a drop down menu next to the words "Share your internet connection from". Click on that drop down menu, and select "Ethernet" Now in the menu below, you'll want to click on the box next to "WiFi".

Next, click on the button that says "Wi-Fi Options". A box will appear allowing you to name your network. For the sake of this demo, we'll name this new network "Guest Access".

Security Settings

To keep unwelcoming intruders from using this hotspot network, click on the "Security" drop down menu and select "WPA2 Personal". This will allow you to set up a password for your new hotspot network. Keep in mind that this password has to be at least 8 characters long, so feel free to get creative with it. Once you're done, click the OK button.

Activating Your Hotspot Network

Finally, activate the sharing option by clicking on the box next to "Internet Sharing" on the left. Your computer will ask you if you're sure you meant to turn this option on. Click on "Start" to activate your hotspot network.

At this point, you'll see a new icon in the top right of your screen in the menu bar. This icon tells you that your new hotspot network is now up and running.

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