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Video:Tips for Legally Downloading Free Games for a PC

with Nick Richards

There are ways to legally download free games online that you can play on a PC. Watch this video from to see tips for pulling this off.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Legally Downloading Free Games for a PC

Hi, I'm Nick and today for, I'm going to teach you how to legally download free games for your PC.

Basics About Legally Downloading Free Games for a PC

Free games come in many shapes and forms and although some may be lacking in quality, there are plenty of enjoyable options available, if you know where to look. Keep in mind that a free game should be labelled as freeware or free-to-play – avoid torrenting games as the legality of the item in question could be in doubt.

Tips for Downloading Free Games for a PC

Remakes are a great way to sample popular games and Softpedia has it's fair share of worthy contenders. To download a free game from Softpedia, simply select ‘freeware games' in the games category and then select the game of your choice.

Other Options for Free Games also offers a wide array of games as well as editor and user ratings and reviews that ensure the game you choose is safe and fun to play! Be careful, though, as Cnet is littered with additional download options that you must wade through before you get to the game itself.

Freeware Games for a PC

If you're looking for a site that's dedicated entirely to freeware games, try acidplay. Here you can search through a list of top games in order the best and newest games available! Downloading is as simple as clicking a button for the game of your choice.

Free Classic Games

Of course, you don't have to go down the remake route. Some classic games have been officially released by their developers, allowing users to download them for free. Grand Theft Auto I and II are two of most popular games that have been made available to download for free and can be accessed by visiting the Rockstar Classics website.

Steam users have access to a whole host of free-to-play games and demos. To access them, you'll need to sign up for a free Steam account, but with the wealth of options available, it's worth the extra effort. Some games have bonus content that can be purchased for a fee, but those extras are completely optional.

One of the most popular free games is America's Army, also available on Steam. America's Army was officially developed by the US army and was released with the intention of increasing recruitment.

Now you know some of the best places to download free games for the PC, For more tips on downloading games, visit

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